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Yogi Tea

It is possibly one of the brands you are most well known in terms of the scope of infusions of quality, ensuring a pleasant flavour, the time that you comply effectively with their mission. Thus, the yogi tea detox (popularly known as “yogi tea detox”) is the you detox more sold in our country thanks to its effectiveness in helping our body to remove toxins and clean it inside, after some time of neglect and excess food made on our part.

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Yogi tea is a name that refers to an infusion in which the roots are anchored in the Ayurveda, or traditional indian medicine, which is a teaching on the balance between the mind, body, and spirit.

Although, the components appear originally in the indito, you can go replacing as changing of the seasons and the needs of each consumer, the recipes that are known to be due to Yogi Bhajan, this being a spiritual master.

Years later the recipe was created by this man became a trademark that distributes different infusions green mixed with more than 80 herbs and spices.

Containing an intense flavor and spicy because of the mixture of 5 spices such as cloves, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger, that is energetic and stimulating, especially if it takes black tea.

These 5 spices are use widely in traditional medicine and are accused of various medicinal properties.

Between the Yogi tea properties, you can count the actions antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, it is also considered as a metabolic stimulant.

Going beyond the actions medicinal, you have the Yogi tea reviews that it is an infusion that contains a very spicy, very comforting and warm, its consumption is associated with the practice of yoga and meditation.

Types of Yogi tea

It is recommended Yogi tea to buy because it is a well-known brand that is responsible for the production of teas and infusions to base of herbs and spices that provide a conservation of the health and wellbeing of the consumer.

If you want to buy yogi tea this account with a vast and comprehensive catalogue of teas and infusions of a quality range, designed in the satisfaction of the various needs of the customers and based on the ancient indian wisdom of Ayurveda, such as:

  • Yogi Tea Detox: it is an infusion diuretic that enhances the removal of liquid and waste from the body. Providing a delicious lemon flavor mixed with licorice sweet, also, is made with the teeth of a lion, and ginger.

Achieving an end aromatic very smooth and exquisite; in addition, it has the function diuretic is recommended for the eradication of the fluids of the body.

  • Yogi Tea Classic: tea is a classic that mixes the spicy flavor of ginger with the sweetness of the cinnamon in the company of clove and cardamom.

Generated as a result of a combination aromatic traditional and classic to be functional for use at any hour of the day.

With the Yogi tea properties is achieved a great improvement in the maintenance of health and well-being, while swallowed a tea which has a pleasant flavor that blends both sweet and spicy.

It is always recommended to buy yogi tea and try their many flavors before choosing the product you like and that suits the different needs.

Diversity in Products of Yogi tea

Because consumers there are various Yogi tea reviews that indicate that these teas help to generate the satisfaction of the senses, so it is recommended to start with a search in flavors that satisfy the soul.

Because of this Yogi Bhajan in 1969, being a yoga teacher, was the one who introduced Yoga Kundalili in the West, managing to best serve their students, the idea of a combination of herbs and spices, and began the products from Yogi Tea.

Today Yogi tea contains an average of 30 combinations that stand out because of their exotic taste and for their different qualities and Yogi tea properties beneficial to the health, in the same way Yogi Tea transmits the wisdom of ayurveda.

It helps to generate the maintenance of ancestral balance and good health, since the ingredients used in their products are totally natural, are presented in cardboard boxes, recycled, and in its interior there is an illustration of an easy-yoga exercise.

At the time of Yogi tea to buy , you will find a wide range among which include:

  • Teas, ayurvedic: Digestion-comfort stomach, Lucidity-Ginkgo, Joy of living, Purifies-Detoxification, Protection-Echinacea, Relaxation-Soothing, Breathing, Revitalizing, and Tea for the man.

  • Teas and spices: Classic, Choco species (Aztec), Himalayas, and Jamaica, Licorice, Rooibois, Sweet Chili, Hibiscus Zingiber, Mint Lime, Tulsi Mint

  • Teas for women: La Femme, La Femme Active, The Femme Balance, The Femme Fitness

  • Chai: black, Chai, Green Chai, Sweet Chai

  • Green teas: energy, Green Jasmine, Harmony, Vitality

As you can see the choice when you buy yogi tea is a little complicated, as all of them are very tasty, and provide benefits very suggestive; in Spain are sold in organic shops and herbalists.

Worth the consumption of these products and start a game with the flavors until you find the one of your preference.

You should take into account that the consumption of tea and infusion are a healthier choice than coffee and a journal is you can make a meditation beneficial to them.

Etymology of the Yogi tea

The etymology of these products begins with a sample that consists of the traditional medicine Ayurveda as Ayur means life and Veda means science, coming to the conclusion that it is the science that studies the life.

This being able to start the treatment of different pathologies, starting from the cause of them, as well as more novel to the western begins in the positive work in the relations with the symptoms to the mental state of the patient.

Taking into account your emotional situation and the characteristics of the environment that vary between climate, environment, habits, diet, among others.

The result are some teas and infusions that manage to adapt to every person, every personality, every condition, and in their default, every problem; providing a solution for natural and healthy.

That way when you use Yogi Tea, is integrated to the stressful lifestyle and genuinely western, the benefits of the existence eastern and yogic, achieving load the body of vitality, coping with disease and disorders of the day-to-day.

Beyond their Yogi tea properties, medicinal, is an infusion whose taste spicy, very comforting and warm, makes it easy to understand why consumption is so associated with the practice of yoga and meditation.

Yogi Tea Infusions leaders in price and offer

Yogi tea is presented in convenient teabags individual packaged with extreme care to ensure your complete preservation of all the active ingredients that they contain the ingredients on the other hand, carefully chosen. And is that Yogi tea is made infusions complying to strict standards of quality and eco-friendly.
While the brand Yogi tea is probably very well known for its 9, your product most sought-after and sought after by lovers of good tea is their chai tea, of pleasant taste and traditional preparation because although the british intend to make this drink something that's all yours, what is certain is that the tradition of the tea comes from India and China, being assimilated as a beverage by the british at the time of the colonies.

Yogi Tea Already In Spain

The good news is that you buy yogi tea is not supposed great efforts due to its wide distribution for large shopping centers, parapharmacies and pharmacies in our country.

Yogi Tea Best Views and properties

And for the curious who wonder the reason of such a curious name, it turns out that in the 1960s, Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan began to share their knowledge with the western world on a healthy lifestyle and use of herbs and spices. After each yoga class, served his students a very special tea produced by himself. It has enjoyed such popularity, that finally end up trading their traditional recipes for all kinds of virtues, as to strengthen the natural defenses of our body, very appropriate in these dates fall with climate change constants.

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