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Xtraslim 700 Men 120 Capsules


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  • It is a food supplement.
  • It has an exclusive and innovative formula.
  • Its composition is aimed at men.
  • Presentation of 120 capsules.
  • Prevents loss of muscle mass.
  • Generates fat burning action.

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What is Xtraslim 700 Men 120 Capsules

Xtraslim 700 Men 120 Capsules it is a food supplement specifically designed to be ingested by men, since it collaborates with the conservation and reduction of a healthy volume without decreasing their muscle mass.

For its preparation, 3 active ingredients have been selected that have an optimal effect on fat burning and includes other ingredients that favor weight loss, such as turmeric, wakame, guarana, carnitine, creatine, citrulline, arginine, choline, chromium, vitamin B6 and zinc.

In our parapharmacy these capsules they have a wonderful Price, since it is a product that causes excellent results during a weight loss program, collaborating with the shaping of the silhouette and the definition of the muscles.

Why Buy Xtraslim 700 Men 120 Capsules in Pharmacy Market

These capsules have been made with ingredients that favor weight loss, including a mixture of turmeric and wakeme that cause an improvement in fat metabolism and favor the decrease of appetite, collaborating with weight control.

Its L-carnitine content causes an improvement in the modeling of the silhouette, so it is usually ingested by athletes; at the same time it includes Guarana in order to collaborate with fat burning and makes weight loss easier.

In Pharmacy Market you can Buy this supplement that includes in its composition2 amino acids and 1 derivative that cause excellent results in the care and improvement of muscles, such as creatine, citrulline and arginine.

In addition, it contains a selection of essential nutrients that originate its results on the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins; while, it includes ingredients that favor the preservation of normal blood glucose levels.

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This add-on has Offer which favors the acquisition of a selection of nutrients and vitamins that cause excellent results with the B vitamins, since they favor the conservation of normal lipid metabolism.

A dose of vitamin B6 has been included that improves the normal metabolism of proteins and glycogen, collaborating in turn with the noticeable decrease inthe feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

Benefits of Xtraslim 700 Men 120 Capsules

Xtraslim 700 Men 120 Capsulesit is a product designed with ingredients that promote fat burning and generates excellent results in the care of the muscular system, so its formulation has been aimed at the male public.

For its preparation, gluten, added sugars, and lactose are not included. Although, it contains ingredients that reduce the absorption of fat and decreases appetite, while improving the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins, generating remarkable results in the muscles.

Composition of Xtraslim 700 Men 120 Capsules

Complexe Lipoxim [Extraits De Wakamé (UndariaPinnatifida (Harvey) Suringar) (405 M) Et De Curcuma (Curcuma Long L.) (45 Mg)], Enveloppe De La Gélule (Gélatine, colorant which Rouge Allura Ac), Bitartrate Choline (150 Mg ÉquivalentCholine), Antiagglomérants (acts include dioxyde De Silicium, Sels Of MagnésiumD'acides Gras), L-CarnitineTartrate (150 Mg'équivalent L-Carnitine), Agent De Charge (CelluloseMicrocristalline), CréatineMonohydrate (125 Mg), Extrait De Guarana (Paullinia Cupana Kunth.) (100 Mg), Citrate De Zinc, Vitamine B6 (Chlorhydrate De Pyridoxine), Chlorure De Chrome. Sans Dioxyde De Titane.

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