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Xeros Dentaid

Xeros Dental it is a line specifically formulated to generate an improvement in the quality of life of people who suffer frequently from dry mouth sensation, providing calm to this unpleasant sensation.

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  • Xeros dentaid Gel Dentifrico 75 ml
    Xeros dentaid Pasta Dentfrica 75 ml

    Xeros dentaid Pasta Dentfrica 75 ml with betaine, xylitol, allantoin, fluoride sodium ensures maximum hydration and care dry mouth, assures you a freshness thanks to its composition of quality. It is an adjuvant in the treatment of syndrome sjogren's, or diabetes as well as chemotherapy treatments.

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  • Xerosdentaid Mouthwash 500 ml
    Xeros dentaid Mouthwash 500 ml

    Xerosdentaid Mouthwash 500 ml

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  • Xeros dentaid Spray 15 ml
    Xeros dentaid Spray 15 ml

    Xeros dentaid Spray 15 ml spray super nice that facilitates hydration in the mouth and prevents the feeling of dry mouth as if you had a sandpaper. At a great price, you find the deals xeros dentaid.

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  • Xerosdentaid Gum 20 Units
    Out of stock
    Xeros dentaid Gum 20 Units

    Xeros dentaid Gum 20 Units

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  • Xerosdentaid 90 Tablets
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    Xeros dentaid 90 Tablets

    Xerosdentaid 90 Tablets

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  • Xerosdentaid Gel moisturizer 50 ml
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    Xeros dentaid Gel moisturizer 50 ml

    Xeros dentaid Gel moisturizer 50 ml maximum hydration and care for the sensation of dry mouth. Can be extended by gums and cheeks to get the highest hydration before bedtime. Ideal before going to bed because it moisturizes a lot by keeping the mouth moist. Combinalo with whatever you need from the range xeros dentaid that you have everything. Maximum...

    12,00 € -18.75% 9,75 €

It has a selection of components that provide freshness and improve the moisture of the oral cavity, while preventing the appearance of cavities due to its content of components such as Betaine, Allantoin, Xylitol and Fluoride.

In addition, this brand has treatments that improve oral hygiene, reduce dental and oral health problems since they favor the elimination and prevention of caries, sensitivity, dry mouth or xerostomia, halitosis or bad breath and gingivitis.

What is Xeros Dentaid?

This line of products has been developed by Dentaid laboratories in order to improve and preserve the correct state of oral health, since it has a selection of compositions specifically elaborated.

Each formulation includes active ingredients that can be used by anyone to improve oral hygiene, so they have developed toothpastes, mouthwashes, interdental care, anticavies, treatments for bad breath, among others.

The main objective of this line is the improvement and conservation of oral health, while seeking to provide consumers with innovative solutions in the field of oral care.

Each product is the result of the experience and professionalism of dentists and pharmacists who have provided specially selected formulations to meet the most complicated and demanding oral requirements.

Each of its compositions has been designed with the purpose of fighting xerostomia or dry mouth, so components that improve the hydration of the oral cavity and reactivate the natural production of saliva are included.

Among the diversity of Xeros offer there are tablets, toothpaste, mouthwash or spray that have formulations made from malic acid, fluorine and xylitol.

What benefits do Xeros Dentaid products provide?

At Buy Xeros Dentaid Products formulations specifically designed to generate an improvement in those who suffer from xerostomia, which is also known as dry mouth, are acquired.

Dry mouth or xerostomia is the sensation that generates dry mouth and is related to the reduction of saliva emission, so for its elaboration a beneficial mixture of betaine, allantoin, xylitol and fluorine is used.

At the same time its range of products can be used in order to reduce bad breath, since it also includes components that collaborate with the improvement of oral hygiene, preventing caries and controlling the production of bacterial plaque.

How does Xeros Dentaid Mouthwash work?

The Xeros Dentaid Mouthwash it has a formulation specially developed in order to improve the hydration of the oral cavity, so its use is recommended every day.

Its composition has been designed as a result of a beneficial mixture of betaine, allantoin, xylitol and fluorine, so an increase in moisture is generated and results that last longer.

It is recommended to use it every day after finishing the usual brushing, since its effective formula that favors the wetting of the entire area that is dry or with xerostomia,

The main objective of this mouthwash is the contribution of hydration to the entire mouth, while originating a fairly complete hygiene that reaches all areas of the oral cavity, managing to reach where the toothbrush can not.

With its daily use an effective oral hygiene originates in people with dry mouth problems or xerostomia, managing to reduce this sensation as a result of the action that originates in the salivary flow balance.

In addition, it has a selection of components that prevent the appearance of cavities, remineralizes enamel and prevents bad breath.

What benefits do Xeros Dentaid Tablets provide?

The Xeros Dentaid Tablets they have a composition aimed at increasing the natural secretion of saliva in those people who usually suffer from dry mouth and its format allows them to be ingested anywhere and at any time of the day.

Its use is suggested to complement the action originated by other products Xeros Dental, managing to improve and preserve the correct levels of hydration of the oral cavity, since they have a mixture of malic acid, xylitol and sodium fluoride.

Its formulation allows to stimulate the natural generation of saliva, prevent the appearance of caries, increase the mineralization of tooth enamel and provide freshness to the entire oral cavity.

In addition, it has a beneficial Buffer System that preserves the optimal pH of the oral cavity, prevents the erosion of tooth enamel and has a beneficial blister format that allows it to be transported comfortably and safely anywhere.

Who is the Xeros Dentaid product line for?

At Buy Dentaid products aimed at the care of the dry mouth or with xerostomia are acquired, managing to improve effectively and maintained salivary flow that can be decreased by various elements, can be ingested when:

  • Systemic medications are ingested, such as antidepressants, anti-inflammatories, diuretics, analgesics, antihypertensives, ansolytic, antihistamines, etc.

  • During head and neck radiotherapy processes

  • Systemic diseases such as Sjögren's syndrome, endocrine disorders such as diabetes mellitus, neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease, immune system disorders such as HIV/AIDS.

  • There are alteration of the salivary glands, stress, smoking, alcohol, emotional disorders, exclusive oral breathing, etc.

What are Xeros Dentaid Reviews?

These products have been used by people suffering from xerostomia, so they have generated several Xeros Dentaid Reviews since they improve the hydration of the oral cavity and increase the natural elaboration of saliva.

In order to generate its excellent results, this brand has a toothpaste and mouthwash that can be used every day, since they include a mixture of betaine, allantoin, xylitol and fluorine.

With its frequent use it generates an improvement in the wetting of the whole mouth, while providing more lasting results.

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