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Woman Isdin

Woman Isdin is a brand that is specialized in the intimate care of the woman.

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Woman Isdinis a brand that is responsible for the development of products for the feminine care, with the objective to accompany the woman at the different stages of life, offering a greater well-being and the most effective solutions to your intimate health. This line of products, is specific to the care of the intimate areas of the woman, making a deep cleaning in different areas without altering the pH.

The mission of this brand is to provide women with quality products, that adapt and meet their needs. To develop their products with all-natural ingredients, high-quality, exclusive to the care of this area so delicate women.

Products that the Brand offers Woman Isdin

It is a brand that offers a wide range of products, which have been designed with the aim to satisfy the needs of the woman and to take care of your intimate areas, in the market we can get the following:

Woman Isdin Antiestrías

it is the only product antiestrías that is available in the market, and counts with the support of clinical studies that have been developed, which demonstrated its effectiveness at the time of contributing to the prevention and reduction of stretch marks, which appear on the skin as a result of the different variations of weight.

Your continuous use and with the maintenance of a good diet, the short time of use are observed very good results, it is ideal during pregnancy.

When applied, it leaves a pleasant feeling and also is very rapid absorption. Its formula contains natural products such as Gotu kola, Rose Hip oil, Butter, Shorea, and Vitamin E with antioxidant action.

The union of all of these products achieved a great cream that enhances the skin's elasticity and gives an intense hydration.

Woman Isdin Firming

it is a body cream firming, is indicated for toning and reaffirm the sagging of the skin, which appears after you have lost large amounts of body mass or product of the pregnancy.

It is a product that has been formulated with Rosehip oil and Proteosilano, absorbs quickly, improving the firmness and remodelling the skin.

It also gives the skin an intense hydration, allowing to improve significantly the appearance of the same.

Woman Isdin Care Of The Nipple

It is a product in gel that protects and cares for the area of the nipple, with the purpose of prevent and fix cracks which may occur exclusively during the periods of pregnancy and lactation. Likewise, relieves the itching, moisturizes and restores the skin, giving you a pleasant feeling of freshness.

It is very easy to use, since it absorbs quickly and does not require you to wash the nipple before giving the chest, leaving no residue in the area that may lead to the rejection of the baby. It is recommended to use to avoid those little discomfort during breastfeeding.

Woman Isdin In Control

is a food supplement very effective, exclusive for the treatment of urinary incontinence, which has been produced with natural ingredients.

The results that have been obtained in tests carried out, and check their effectiveness in incontinence of urgency and effort, with the purpose of improving this way the quality of life of the woman.

It is formulated entirely on the basis of natural ingredients, which act directly on the causes that cause incontinence.

Among the ingredients that it contains, are the pumpkin seed extract, which have as a goal, offer a therapeutic action in irritation of the bladder, and the germ extract of soybean, which acts on the atrophy of the bladder.

Woman Isdin Moisturizing Vulvar

it is a product that has been created specifically with the purpose of caring for and protecting the epithelium of the vulva, strengthening its barrier function. It has been uniquely designed to relieve the itching, and the symptoms of itching, which appear as a result of irritation or dryness.

This product offers a constant hydration, helping to improve the defense against the attacks irritativas. This does not alter the integrity of the condom.

Woman Isdin Moisturizing Vaginal

it is a product with a soft texture gel cream, which is designed to relieve the symptoms of dryness and vaginal atrophy, as well as the lack of lubrication, or pain during sex. Comes in a presentation of a single dose, and, it is indicated exclusively to hydrate immediately and for a long time the vaginal area.

With this gel moisturizer vaginal, is achieved by the reduction of pruritus and burning sensation. It also creates a protective film, due to its formula mucoadhesiva, which allows to increase the elasticity of the vaginal mucosa.

Woman Isdin Intimate Hygiene

due to the intimate area of women is very delicate and has its own characteristics, its care and hygiene should be different from other parts of the body.

For this reason, and thinking that this area requires a daily hygiene appropriate with products specifically formulated for the care of these areas, it has established the gel intimate hygiene extra-soft brand Woman Isdin, which has been designed for the protection and care of the intimate area, neutralizing odors and relieving the itching.

It is ideal to be used daily, because it protects against the different microbiological aggression to those who are exposed to these areas. Its formulation is made with all-natural products, as what is betaine, which moisturizes and helps to prevent vaginal dryness, they also take care of the pH.

Helps to strengthen the vaginal flora, due to lactic acid and is of great help, especially when the area of the vulva and vaginal passed by the united infectious or inflammatory, and also during the menstrual cycle or after sexual intercourse.

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