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Woman Isdin Intimate Hygiene 200 ml + 200 ml Double Promotion


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  • This product is indicated for Intimate Hygiene.
  • Prevents bacterial proliferation.
  • Comes in gel form.
  • It is for daily use.
  • Contains Lactic Acid
  • Contains no soap.

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Why use Woman Isdin Intimate Hygiene 200 ml + 200 ml Duplo Promotion?

In the life of a woman, as in all people, there are many periods with physiological changes. Among these physiological changes are hormonal changes, such as during menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, which in turn cause odor changes in the intimate part and/or greater bacterial proliferation.

Therefore the importance of including in personal hygiene products, a product designed for this area.

Woman Isdin Intimate Hygiene 200 ml + 200 ml Duplo promotion it is a product indicated for various situations, daily use as a routine, after sexual intercourse, in case of irritation or dryness.

Features of this product

This product has multiple characteristics, among the most outstanding are:

  • It contains Lactic Acid and maintains a physiological Ph, which makes it maintain an adequate flora and there is no risk of infection.
  • Comes in a 200 ml + 200 ml presentation with a 50% discount on the second unit.
  • Having prebiotics bioecolia type, it makes possible that there is no alteration of the physiological flora of this area of the body and thus prevents bacterial proliferation and therefore infections at this level.
  • In its formulation contains lactic acid, which gives the guarantee of maintaining the appropriate ph to this area also counteracting risks of infections and strong odors.
  • It is very practical to use for its gel presentation, it is not a soap so it is used in the intimate area when it is warranted with slight massages and then removed with plenty of water.
  • The texture is very soft, leaves a feeling of freshness and pleasant cleaning.
  • It uses Neutral technology in its formulation which is responsible for capturing the molecules of bad odors.

Reviews about this product

After consulting the reviews of a group of women regarding their opinion of this product, we came to the conclusion that this product has a 100% acceptance, since most of them were quite favorable opinions, all very positive.

On the one hand, women in mature ages in which hormonal changes manifested a change after the use of this product, in regard to changes in the odor of that intimate area, eliminating that somewhat unpleasant odor after the few times of use. In addition, they stated that it left a feeling of freshness in their private parts.

Another group of women also said that despite not using it because of strange smells, but using it in their daily routine of body hygiene, they would not stop using it because more have been the advantages, comfort, feeling of freshness, perfect value for money among other advantages.

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