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Woman Isdin Antiestrías Tube 250 ml


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  • Concentrated formula
  • Helps in the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Treatment for stretch marks.
  • Formation of collagen.
  • Effectiveness of natural origin.
  • Optimal cosmeticidad.

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What Is Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch Mark tube 250 ml?

Woman Isdin Anti-Stretch tube 250 ml it is a product that offers an effective help in the Prevention of the appearance of stretch marks, while generating a decrease in the severity of them.

It includes a formulation that provides an increase in the elasticity of the skin, thanks to its content of components that reactivate the fibroblastic action and improve the production of collagen and elastin.

It contains an improved aroma that appeals to pregnant women, while it can be absorbed immediately providing hydration that lasts longer and has been tested gynecologically and dermatologically.

What benefits does the use of Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch Mark tube 250 ml bring?

It is a cream specifically formulated to exercise an effective prevention and decrease in the generation of stretch marks caused during the period of pregnancy, adolescence or by weight loss.

With its use, the stimulation of tissue production is improved by activating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, while favoring an immediate absorption which leads to a long duration of hydration.

What ingredients does Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch Mark tube 250 ml contain?

Woman Isdin Anti-Stretch tube 250 ml ha it has been specially formulated in order to promote the prevention and reduction of stretch marks that originate during pregnancy, adolescence or weight changes, thanks to its content of:

  • Hydroxyprolysilane: improves the multiplication of collagen and elastin, improved skin flexibility.
  • Mix of rosehip with centella asiatica: they originate the reactivation of the natural restoration of the skin.
  • Shorea butter: creates an effective moisturizing result.
  • Vitamin E: provides an antioxidant effect, as it eradicates the generation of free radicals in the skin.
  • Gotu kola triterpenes: which activate the production of collagen by the skin.
  • Yoyoba and borage oil: originates an effective action by collaborating with the eradication of the appearance of new stretch marks.

Who should use Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch Mark tube 250 ml?

It is a cream that has been formulated for those people who need to reduce and prevent the appearance of stretch marks, whether they appear during pregnancy, in the stages of growth, with the practice of sports or sudden changes in body mass.

What tips should be followed for the use of Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch Mark tube 250 ml?

It is recommended to use Woman Isdin Anti-Stretch tube 250 ml 2 times a day, preferably after bath and before bedtime, on all those areas of the body that are distended such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and breasts.

Its application should be done with the application of a mild massage in order to promote its absorption, especially in those areas where the appearance begins or stretch marks already exist.

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