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Woman Isdin Antiestrias 250ml + 250ml Duplo Promotion


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  • Includes two creams of 250 ml.
  • It helps in maintaining the firmness of the skin.
  • Eradicates the grooves.
  • Contains rosehip oil.
  • Stimulates cell regeneration.
  • To reduce the formation of stretch marks.

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What Is Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch 250ml + 250ml Duplo promotion?

Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch 250ml + 250ml Duplo promotion it is a pack that includes two anti-stretch creams that favor the preservation of firmness and reduces the presence of grooves that frequently appear on the skin

It includes in its formulation a mixture of components that generate the stimulation of cell regeneration, at the same time that favors the decrease of cellular oxidation and originates a fairly intense hydration.

It can be used in those times when there is some type of weight gain, either by changing a lifestyle or by hormonal changes, since it includes in its formulation gotu kola, rosehip, shorea butter and vitamin E.

What ingredients does Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch 250ml + 250ml Duplo Promocion contain?

This pair of creams with anti-stretch marks effect has been specifically formulated to effectively improve the elasticity of the skin, while providing other benefits thanks to its content of:

  • Gotu kola triterpenes: they repair the skin in terms of the changes in tension that will be generated, while favoring the proliferation of collagen naturally.
  • Vitamin E acetate: provides an effective antioxidant power.
  • Rosehip oil: it causes an improvement in the fight against stretch marks already formed, since it is a fairly effective scarring.
  • Hydroxyprolixylane C: promotes the generation of a more flexible skin.

It has an excellent cosmeticity, pleasant application and fast absorption thanks to the mixture of all these components.

For whom is Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch 250ml + 250ml Duplo promotion indicated?

Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch 500ml + 500ml Duplo promotion it can be used by women who are pregnant from the first day.

In addition, it generates excellent results in people who already have stretch marks or who are going to undergo a slimming method and want to prevent the skin from losing tension and forming stretch marks.

They are also indicated for people who have suffered from some stretch in the skin can be by gestation, growth or an aggressive variation in weight.

How to use Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch 250ml + 250ml Duplo promotion?

Woman ISDIN Anti-Stretch 250ml + 250ml Duplo promotion promotion must be used twice a day specifically after the bath and at bedtime, applying it on the distended or stretch marks, performing light massages thus improving the absorption of the active principles.

You should insist on the application of the cream with the help of massage in all those areas where the appearance of new stretch marks is noticeable. In addition, care should be taken that the cream does not come into contact with any mucosa.

When purchasing, the container must be checked to ensure that it has a complete seal of inviolability, in order to certify the safety and hygiene conditions of the formula.

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