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Whitening Vitis

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  • Vitis Whitening Toothpaste 150 ml
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    Vitis Whitening Toothpaste 150 ml

    Helps with teeth whitening.Improves the appearance of the teeth.Prevents plaque and cavities.Leaves the breath fresh.Not deteriorating the enamel of the tooth.Removes stains.

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  • Vitis Whitening toothpaste
    Vitis Whitening Toothpaste 100 ml

    Vitis Pasta Whitening 100 ml , whitening effectively with technology, NANO repair, with fluor and validated for use in daily fights stains of the teeth. with a formula family action, 5 actions the valan, stain resistant, anti lime-scale, floor Polish, anticariogenic, repair and whitening.

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Row Whitening Vitis it has been formulated in order to collaborate with the realization and conservation of teeth whitening, so its composition has been developed in order to be used every day.

This range of products has a mixture of components selected in order to whiten and restore the natural white of the teeth, since it reduces stains and prevents them from being generated again, while taking care of the tooth enamel.

For its preparation, a triple phosphate system is included that prevents the accumulation of dental plaque and food residues, in order to prevent the formation of tartar.

Why use Vitis Whitening products?

This range of the Vitis brand has a formulation that contains the technology known as Dentaid Technology Nanorepair, which is based on the use of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, which is an element that is naturally found in the tooth.

Its components have the ability to mix with the surface of the tooth enamel, resulting in a protective barrier and its resistance to washing is responsible for closing the open dentinal tubules, decreasing and avoiding tooth sensitivity.

At the same time it covers the surfaces that are irregular of the tooth enamel, generating a whitening effect that increases the luminosity of the teeth in a natural way, causing a natural white in the tooth after 10 days of use.

It has a formulation that allows to provide effective care for tooth sensitivity, does not generate deterioration in the enamel as a result of its low abrasiveness, providing superior care and avoiding the sensitivity caused by other whitening toothpastes.

It favors the effective removal of extrinsic stains from tooth enamel, decreasing their formation as a result of the effect that its active principles originate and its whitening effectiveness, as a result of its daily use

What is the mechanism of action of Vitis Whitening products?

Its formulation allows its use every day, since it generates all the functions of a normal toothpaste, while having the results of a strong bleach eliminating stains, preventing their formation without deteriorating the enamel and decreasing tooth sensitivity.

Its components have been selected in order to generate 5 specific actions that originate a superior effectiveness:

  • Anti-stain action: it favors the elimination of stains that are on the surface of the enamel and prevents its formation.
  • Anti-tank action: decreases or prevents tartar creation and crystallization of oral biofilm, also known as dental plaque.
  • Polishing action: softens and smoothes the tooth enamel restoring its white and natural luminosity, without generating any deterioration.
  • Anti-bird action: remineralizes enamel and prevents tooth decay.
  • Repairing and whitening action: includes active hydroxyapatite that covers the anomalous surfaces of the tooth enamel generating a smoother and more luminous surface; at the same time that it is fixed in the tooth enamel creating a protective layer.

What benefits does the use of Vitis Whitening toothpaste generate?

This toothpaste has a formulation that allows its use every day, so it whitens and restores the natural white of the teeth, reducing stains, the appearance of new ones and taking care of the tooth enamel.

Its composition includes a triple phosphate system that favors the prevention of the collection of dental plaque and food residue, preventing tartar formation, while polishing and smoothing tooth enamel without deteriorating it.

Its polyvinylpyrrolidone content removes stains and prevents them from re-generating, while Dentaid Technology Haprepair technology contains active hydroxyapatite to effectively bind to tooth enamel and fill it where it needs to.

When fixed on the tooth enamel creates a protective barrier and creates a smoother and brighter surface.

What benefits does the use of Vitis Whitening Mouthwash generate?

At Buy Whitening Vitis mouthwash is acquired a product that provides a remarkable bleaching in the teeth, since it favors the elimination of stains and prevents their reappearance, restoring the white and natural luminosity of the teeth without damaging the enamel.

The formulation of this mouthwash contains a mixture of ingredients among which are a triple system of phosphates and Polyvinylpyrrolidone, which effectively reaches a large number of areas not reached by normal brushing, eliminating dental plaque and food debris.

It prevents tartar from originating, reduces stains and their formation, while its components enter the tooth enamel causing in turn a barrier on the surface of the tooth that fills the irregular surfaces of the enamel and prevents tooth sensitivity.

Its fluoride content cares for and remineralizes tooth enamel preventing cavities from appearing, while its mixture of ingredients generates a more complete whitening effect and prevents tooth erosion from originating.

Can be purchased as Offer with the Whitening Vitis toothpaste to reinforce its action and to reach areas of difficult access, complementing and providing greater duration to the result generated by whitening treatments.

Who can use Vitis Whitening products?

These products have a composition that allows them to be used every day, in order to generate an improvement in the realization of oral hygiene, while restoring and preserving the natural white of the teeth.

It is recommended to use these products after a whitening treatment carried out in the dental clinic, in order to provide a longer duration and improve the whitening effect, managing to preserve the teeth cleaner and without stains.

What are the opinions that have generated the Vitis Blaqueadora products?

There are numerous Opinions of Vitis Blaqueadora since a large number of users have used them in order to perform a superior daily oral hygiene, using products that have specific ingredients to generate a whitening effect.

Their presentations have an excellent Price, which allows easy acquisition and use of concrete products that include an innovative technology that couples with tooth enamel and allows uneven enamel surfaces to be leveled.

With its regular use, the tooth is repaired and a more uniform and shiny surface is generated, while preventing tooth sensitivity

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