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Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml


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Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml with soothing natural ingredients it is perfectly tolerated by all skin types. Sensitive, dry and mixed are perfect for balm. based on jojoba oil, Glycerin, Betaine, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter are absorbed with gentle taps on the skin allowing better absorption and freshness. Great price for aftershave skin care.

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What is Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml?

Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml it is a balm specifically formulated to provide superior skin care during shaving, as it can deteriorate and irritate the skin, while it can be used at the end of this process.

With its usual use originates the conservation of a more hydrated skin managing to prevent the appearance of redness and drying, thanks to its content of Shea butter, as well as extracts of Chamomile and Myrrh

This lotion collaborates with the care of the skin before and after shaving, creating optimal results after shaving, since it provides a cold effect that causes the skin to feel renewed and with a healthy appearance

What are the benefits of using Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml?

This balm has a composition made from ingredients of natural origin, which have been selected for the refreshing effect they leave on the skin, as well as the rapid absorption they generate.

With its usual use, irritated skin is pampered and cared for after the manual or machine shave has been completed, since it includes in its formulation a mixture of ingredients among which are shea butter and extracts of chamomile and myrrh.

Its formulation has been designed based on aloe to improve the hydration of the skin and create a wonderful cold effect, while including organic jojoba oil that takes care of the skin from dehydration.

Its composition has been dermatologically tested, so it can be used on all skin types, especially on sensitive skin, since it does not include preservatives, dyes, synthetic perfumes, or substances of petrochemical origin.

What is the main ingredient of Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml?

This balm has been made with a light texture that allows it to provide calm to the skin of the face after shaving, causing an excellent feeling of freshness and softness in dry, sensitive and normal skin.

Its formulation has been designed based on aloe vera, resulting in excellent results when applied topically as a result of its mucilage content and the higher amount of water it includes.

Its nutrients execute a barrier effect that fights against dehydration of the skin, as it provides beneficial moisturizing, soothing and healing actions, while generating a feeling of freshness in irritated skin.

For whom is Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml indicated?

Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml it is a shaving balm designed to effectively care for the male face, and can be used on sensitive, dry and normal skin.

This balm includes components that provide greater tolerance, leave a slight cold effect that cause a renewed skin sensation and a healthy appearance, so it can be applied on all skin types.

Composition of Weleda Shaving Balm 100 ml

Water, alcohol, jojoba oil, glycerin, aloe vera gel, shea butter, glycerin linoleate, chamomile and myrrh extract, beeswax soap, clay, carrageenan, xanthan, natural essential oils.

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