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Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml


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  • Prevents the development of cavities.
  • Decreases plaque and tartar.
  • Blocks acids.
  • Generates a deep hygiene.
  • It makes the breath fresh longer.
  • Reactivates salivary flow.

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What is Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml?

Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml it is a toothpaste made from sea salt and natural sodium bicarbonate, in order to effectively block the harmful acids that cause caries.

Its effectiveness in the reduction of tartar has been proven according to several studies, while reactivating the flow of saliva and as a result improves the physiological self-cleaning of the mouth.

In addition, it contains a mixture of myrrh and ratania that increase the strength of the oral tissue, actively collaborating with the prevention of receding gums, while cleaning, purifying and promoting oral circulation.

What are the benefits of Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml?

This toothpaste has been formulated by Weleda with an effective dose of natural sodium bicarbonate in order to cause a blockage of plaque acids that can cause deterioration in the structure of the tooth.

With its use, salivation is reactivated, so an improvement in self-cleaning is generated and the creation of tartar is reduced, while it has a slightly salty flavor that integrates with the union of essential oils causing a freshness that lasts longer.

Its high content of ingredients of natural origin makes it can be used by vegetarians and vegans, since its composition does not include parabens, paraffin, phenoxyethanol, or any petroleum derivative.

In addition, the use of silicones, perfumes, synthetic dyes, genetically modified organisms, chemicals, or toxic substances is avoided, while it does not include gluten so it can be used by celiacs and has not been tested on animals.

Pure natural substances have been used for the preparation of this toothpaste, so it does not include surfactants, synthetic aromas, dyes, preservatives, sugar or sugar substitutes, preserving the natural balance of the oral flora and providing superior well-being.

Who is Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml for?

Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml it has been formulated for all those people who want to fight against the appearance of tartar and caries, since it blocks the harmful acids that are responsible for generating caries.

In addition, it can be used by those who have sensitive gums as it favors the prevention of receding gums, while it can be used by vegans and vegetarians as a result of its high content of natural ingredients.

Gluten is not included in its composition, so it can be used with total confidence by celiac people.

How is it used Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml?

It is recommended to use a fairly gentle brushing for approximately 2 or 3 minutes after each meal, going from the gum to the tooth.

Composition of Weleda Saline Toothpaste 75 ml

Sodium Bicarbonate, Water (Water), Glycerin, Silica (Silica), Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Oil), Prunus Spinosa Fruit Juice (Juice of Blackthorn), Commiphora Myrra Extract (Extract of Myrrh), Krameria Triandra Root Extract (Extract of Ratania), Aesculus Hippocastanum Bark Extract (horse Chestnut Extract), Arum Maculatum Root Extract (Extract of Aro), Sodium Chloride, Cyanopsis Tetragonoloba Gum (Guar Gum), Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil), Alcohol, Esculin, Flavour (Aroma), Limonene, Linalool.

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