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Weleda Balancing Wheat Shampoo 190 ml


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Weleda Balancing Wheat Shampoo 190 ml a shampoo for the care of your hair without silicone and with natural ingredients such as wheat germ that brings balance to the scalp and prevents unnecessary irritations. Decreases scalp flaking. Soothes and strengthens dandruff-prone scalp.

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What is Weleda Wheat Balancing Shampoo 190 ml?

Weleda Balancing Wheat Shampoo 190 ml it is a shampoo specially formulated to generate a beneficial balancing effect, so its composition has been elaborated without silicones in order to prevent side effects on the scalp.

Its composition has been designed to generate an improvement in dandruff hair, since it provides a delicious aroma of rosemary and copaiba as a result of its content of ingredients of totally natural origin.

With its use it provides calm and strength to the scalp with a tendency to suffer from dandruff, giving it superior care before exposure to various external elements such as the sun or pollution, as well as stress that can weaken the hair.

What are the benefits of Weleda Balancing Wheat Shampoo 190 ml?

This shampoo has been developed with the purpose of fighting the flaking of the scalp, while including components that calm and invigorate the scalp that has a tendency to suffer from dandruff.

It includes in its formulation naturally softer components, so it does not include silicone, sulfates, preservatives, dyes, synthetic perfumes, or substances of petrochemical origin in its composition, being able to be used by vegans for its high content of natural ingredients.

Its formulation has been designed to recover the luminosity and lost volume, as it does not include silicones it does not wrap or cover the hair fiber, so the nutrients are easily absorbed and a healthier hair is preserved.

Its blend of ingredients treats hair with dandruff and provides it with the nutrients it requires to stay strong, as it includes wheat as the main ingredient, which is a cereal that originates excellent results in dandruff hair care.

With its use, the balance of the scalp is restored, since it fights against the imbalance of the natural process of expulsion of cells from the scalp, since wheat germ oil provides a large amount of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

How does Weleda Wheat Balancing Shampoo 190 ml work?

If you have a healthy scalp this shampoo promotes its balance as a result of its content of wheat germ oil, extracts of Ruscus and Sage BIO that favor the conservation of the healthy scalp.

If you want to reduce dandruff and preserve a voluminous mane the wheat content of Weleda Balancing Wheat Shampoo 190 ml it balances the functions of the scalp, restoring its balance as a result of its supply of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

This formulation has an effectiveness that has been dermatologically tested, while it includes components that generate a smoother cleaning and causes a reduction of split ends due to its content of wheat germ oil, natural coconut surfactants and sugars.

Composition of Weleda Balancing Wheat Shampoo 190 ml

Water Coconut oil based surfactants Sugar based surfactants Oat amino acids Alcohol Glycerin Natural essential oils 1 Xanthan gum (natural emulsifier and stabilizer) Wheat germ oil Fatty acid esters (emulsifier) Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate Sodium Pyrrolidon Carboxylate Sage leaf extract Ruscus root extract Wild thought extract Lactic acid Coconut oil based surfactants Sucrose laurate Pyrrolidon Carboxylic acid ester (PCA) Arginine Sodium phytate Limonene 1 Linalool 1 Natural essential oils 1 Coumarin 1

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