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The brand Waterpik was founded in the year 1962 and is considered as the trademark of the highest prestige in the development of oral irrigators, its main offices are located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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This company has a great track record, as a result of its constant innovation and design, so original that can be seen in every one of their products, providing a wealth of benefits in the improvement of health.

It is important to mention that this company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Church & Dwight, has been created with the purpose of developing products that improve and maintain the oral health of the family.

What are the benefits of providing the products Waterpik to the family?

The brand Waterpik is a reference in the preparation of irrigator oral, leading to a series of products that provide a fairly simple and effective hygiene performed between the teeth and gums.

These products are very easy to use, since it only requires placing the tip of the handpiece between the teeth and along the gum line, so that in this way the appliance done by if only all the work.

Do not need a long time to be used, since it requires only a minute a day to improve your oral health so you can enjoy a mouth clean and fresh as a result of the removal of dental plaque.

They also rule out the waste that is deposited deep between the teeth and gums, where the brushing and flossing traditional tend to have problems reaching.

It is important to mention that the products of this prestigious brand, have been evaluated clinically demonstrated in each of their tests, as generate a lot of benefits to your oral health.

In addition, it may be used for the needs of certain patients, generating a remarkable improvement in the hygiene of braces and orthodontic appliances and treatment of periodontal pockets and to the cleaning of the implants and dental work such as crowns, bridges and veneers.

can diabetic patients using the products Waterpik?

It is clinically proven that these products provide a great amount of positive results in the oral health, especially in the case of the diabetic patients, who often have a higher risk of gum disease.

It has been shown that the irrigation in these patients generates a substantial reduction in the bleeding and inflammation of the gums, at the same time that helps in the reduction of the gingival index, the reduction of plaque and bleeding on probing.

What people can use the irrigators dental Waterpik?

This type of irrigators can be used on any person, because it favors the proper oral hygiene by making it more intense, at the same time that its frequent use prevents the appearance of dental diseases and periodontal.

It is important to mention that, its use is not limited to people who have dental problems, because they can be used as prevention and there are models available that have been designed especially for children.

Its use is highly recommended in when people wear braces as it makes it easier for cleaning, for those who have dental implants, people with a tendency to suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis.

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