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Waterpik Ultra Wp160 Oral Irrigator


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  • Irrigator for oral use.
  • Promotes dental hygiene.
  • Improves gum care.
  • It helps the elimination of bacteria.
  • It reaches the interdental spaces and under the gingival edge.
  • It can be used in the company of a mouthwash.

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Waterpik Ultra Wp100 Oral Irrigator it is an oral irrigator specifically designed to improve dental hygiene and gum care, as it collaborates with the elimination of bacteria.

This irrigation can be used for the hygiene of those interdental spaces and under the gingival edge, at the same time it can be used with a mouthwash to generate better results.

It includes 3 normal nozzles that reach those hard-to-reach areas, 3 tongue cleaners, an extra-soft Pik Pocket nozzle, orthodontic nozzles that promote hygiene when having orthodontic appliances and other dental restorations

Why use Waterpik Ultra Wp100 Oral Irrigator?

It is a fairly compact model that includes 10 different pressure positions, while it has a covered tank that has a capacity of 600 ml that favors oral irrigation for 80 seconds and a compartment at the top to store the nozzles.

As a result of the direct application of a pulsating jet of water or other solution, this Irrigator can discard 99.9% of the bacterial plaque from all areas where other devices cannot reach, in just 3 seconds.

With its use, a more intense cleaning of crowns, implants and fixed orthodontic appliances is generated, while making access to periodontal pockets and other areas that are difficult to access easier.

It causes a wonderful feeling of hygiene and freshness, while decreasing bleeding and promoting gum health, preventing cavities from appearing and decreasing gum inflammation and gingivitis.

What are the features of Waterpik Ultra Wp100 Oral Irrigator?

Waterpik Ultra Wp100 Oral Irrigator it includes components that make it easier to clean different areas of the mouth, such as crowns, bridges, retainers and implants since it reduces plaque in those places where the brush or dental floss does not reach.

  • This model is smaller and more innovative as a result of its high technology.
  • It is a fairly quiet irrigator.
  • It includes a covered and integrated storage area, with a capacity of 600 ml.
  • Its upper compartment is special and ventilated to store the nozzles.
  • It contains 10 different pressure positions, to choose the one that best suits any requirement.

Who is the Waterpik Ultra Wp100 Oral Irrigator aimed at?

The use of this oral irrigator is recommended after brushing, in order to generate an improvement in the health of the gums since it decreases the inflammation of the gums and gingivitis, while controlling bleeding.

It has multiple benefits for people who need a deeper cleaning, as well as for orthodontic and implant wearers who require the effective removal of bacterial plaque.

Being able to be used in people with special needs such as diabetics and people with periodontal disease.

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