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Waterpik Traveler Wp300 Oral Irrigator Blue Blue


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  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Promotes deep oral hygiene.
  • Used by orthodontic carriers, implants or crowns.
  • Suitable for people with specific requirements.
  • Travel format.
  • Clean intensely between the teeth.

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Waterpik Traveler Wp300 Oral Irrigator Blue Blue it is a dental irrigator specifically designed to be used in all types of people who require a deeper cleaning in the oral area.

With the use of this device you can reach those areas to which other cleaning devices can not, at the same time that its format and size are suitable to be transported anywhere and can be stored in small spaces.

Its functions especially favor people who have orthodontics, implants or crowns, while generating excellent benefits in people with specific requirements such as diabetics or people with periodontal disease.

Why use Waterpik Traveler Wp300 Oral Irrigator Blue Blue?

This oral irrigator has been developed thinking of increasing its effectiveness and making it easier to use, resulting in an improvement in the control of bacterial plaque in just 3 seconds of use.

Its format favors the elimination of 99.9% of oral biofilm or bacterial plaque that is deposited in teeth, gums and areas of difficult access, as a result of its direct application of a water jet or a mouthwash.

Using this oral irrigator after brushing generates a significant improvement in the health of the gums, since inflammation of the gums and gingivitis is decreased, while bleeding is decreased.

This irrigator has been made with a smaller size that favors its transport during any trip, at the same time that it can be placed anywhere to be kept or stored.

What are the features of Waterpik Traveler Wp300 Blue Mouth Irrigator Blue?

It is an irrigator that has a smaller size than other desktop irrigators of the Waterpik range, so it can be used to take a trip and can be located in small spaces.

  • Includes a tank with a capacity of 400 ml.
  • Its format ensures that oral irrigation lasts for up to 60 seconds.
  • Includes a pressure control system with three positions.
  • It favors a simpler and more practical irrigation thanks to its accessories that rotate 360º.
  • It can be used for travel as a carrying case, a power adapter and an automatic voltage selection are added.

Who is Waterpik Traveler Wp300 Blue Blue Mouth Irrigator suitable for?

Waterpik Traveler Wp300 Oral Irrigator Blue Blue it can be used by all members of the family, since it is quite practical, its small size makes it occupy little space and has an autonomy of 1 week.

It can be used by those who require or need a deeper cleaning, while generating multiple benefits in those who are orthodontic and implant carriers since it provides thorough hygiene and the elimination of bacterial plaque.

In addition, it can be used in people with specific requirements such as diabetics and those with periodontal disease.

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