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Waterpik Classic Wp70 Oral Irrigator


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  • It is a fairly simple but functional model.
  • Promotes oral health care.
  • Its tip can rotate up to 360 degrees.
  • Pressure regulator on the handle.
  • Storage space for nozzles.
  • Tank 1000 ml.

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Waterpik Classic Wp70 Oral Irrigator it is a simple device, but quite functional that favors the health care of the oral area, with a desktop design that can be placed on any surface.

Its use is recommended for the realization of the hygiene of bridges, brackets, implants, or simply for all those people who want to improve their oral hygiene, using pressurized water without deteriorating the tooth enamel.

It can be used several times a day or at least once a week, causing a lot of benefits throughout the mouth, since you will notice cleaner teeth as it can reach some areas where it is not reached with brush and dental floss.

Waterpik Classic Wp70 Irrigador Bucal

Why use Waterpik Classic Wp70 Oral Irrigator?

This irrigate uses a fairly high pressure in order to remove a large amount of food residues and bacteria that can be stored and are not removed with the use of the brush.

It includes 4 heads and a special mouthpiece for the periodontal areas, which favors the hygiene of the gum line pouch. It provides the possibility of changing the nozzles in order to reach all areas of the mouth more easily.

The handle includes a pressure control that makes it easier to use, while creating faster access and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user.

Its design contains an area that helps to preserve the order of the nozzles, helps with the disassembly of the tank and can be used as a cover of the appliance.

It includes the widest tank capacity on the market, resulting in deep cleaning.

How does Waterpik Classic Wp70 Oral Irrigator work?

Waterpik Classic Wp70 Oral Irrigator is a mouth irrigator designed to remove plaque in those places where the brush or dental floss can not reach, while providing a massage and stimulation to the gums.

It originates excellent results in the decrease of bleeding and gingival inflammation compared to manual silk.

In addition, it generates a significant decrease in plaque, bleeding and gingival inflammation in patients with orthodontics, diabetics and patients with implants.

What are the features of Waterpik Classic Wp70 Oral Irrigator?

It is a table model that has been developed with the idea that it is used by more than one user, for the effective elimination of bacterial plaque significantly improving gingival health.

  • Provides 6 pressure levels up to 90 Psi.
  • It includes 4 heads and each has a tip that rotates up to 360 degrees.
  • Pressure levels are regulated on the handle of the irrigator.
  • Includes a compartment for mouthpieces.
  • Its tank has a capacity of 1000 ml and can be used to store the nozzles.
  • It is powered by 220V mains

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