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Waterfeel Natural Lubricant 175ml


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  • Water-based lubricant
  • It causes a soft sensation.
  • It contains high-quality assets.
  • Respect the skin.
  • It has no smell, no color.
  • Suitable for vaginal and anal penetration.

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What is Waterfeel Natural Lubricant 175ml?

Waterfeel Natural Lubricant 175ml it is a lubricant formulated based on water, it has no smell, no color since its composition has been designed to cause a softer, pleasant and natural sensation as a result of its content of ingredients of the highest quality.

Its mixture of components has been developed to provide superior respect for the skin, so it can be used with total confidence for vaginal and anal penetration, as well as for oral sex, being a product that does not stain and is easily removed.

Can be purchased at an excellent Price since it is a product that has a beneficial gel texture and favors lubrication during sexual activity, causing an improvement in hydration and lubricate the skin thanks to its water content and natural actives.

¿By What To Buy Waterfeel Natural Lubricant 175mlen Pharmacy Market?

This gel has a composition specially designed to collaborate with the lubrication of the intimate area, it has been designed without including aromas and includes components that favor stimulation and generate an increase in sexual pleasure.

Its mixture of components does not generate irritation on the genital mucosa, so it can be applied on all skin types since its formulation has been designed based on water base, causing it to retain a softer, silky textural, odorless, colorless and more natural.

At Buy this lubricant is a product designed to be respectful with the skin and to generate a quality experience, since it can be applied anywhere on the body and reapplied as many times as the need is felt.

It has a formulation that is compatible with latex condoms, causing an improvement in lubrication and favoring the performance of massages, while collaborating with the performance of oral sex and can be used in the company of sex toys.

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You can find it in our parapharmacy at Offer and in its 175ml presentation, with its composition specially designed to improve the lubrication of the genitals, providing superior softness and better sliding during sexual intercourse.

This lubricant has been formulated based on water has a softer and silky texture, while it has been designed without odor, without color and natural in order to provide greater respect for the skin and generate a quality experience during your sexual intercourse.

Benefits of Waterfeel Natural Lubricant 175ml

Waterfeel Natural Lubricant 175ml it is a lubricant that includes a formulation compatible with latex condoms and menstrual cups, which favors lubrication and performing massages, while it can be used during oral sex and in the company of sex toys.

Composition of Waterfeel Natural Lubricant 175ml

Water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, citric acid, glycerin, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate

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