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Vitis Soft Toothbrush


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The Vitis Soft Brush it is made to be used daily helping you to eliminate those bacterial plaques that form in the mouth. Its diamond-shaped design makes it easier to reach those more difficult parts.

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Vitis Suave: The necessary delicacy for a gentle brushing

The Vitis Soft toothbrush it offers a gentle and delicate cleaning to protect the tooth enamel from possible damage. Its soft and flexible filaments glide smoothly over the teeth and gums, preventing abrasion and irritation. This feature is especially beneficial for those with sensitive gums or prone to gingival retraction.

Gentle but effective cleaning removes plaque and food debris, ensuring complete oral hygiene without compromising the health of the enamel. With Vitis Suave, you can enjoy a radiant and protected smile, taking care of every detail of oral health.

Take care of your teeth with the benefits of Vitis Suave

The Vitis Suave toothbrush becomes an ally to keep your teeth cared for, clean and soft. Its soft filaments provide a delicate brushing experience, avoiding any discomfort or irritation on sensitive gums.

With each brushing, you feel how it efficiently removes plaque and debris, ensuring a complete cleaning. The softness of the filaments also protects the tooth enamel, ensuring that the teeth remain strong and healthy. Thanks to Vitis Suave, you can enjoy a radiant, well-groomed smile that is always soft to the touch, which improves oral confidence and well-being.

Softness and confidence with Vitis Soft Toothbrush

The quality and confidence provided by the Vitis Suave toothbrush are indisputable. Its design and high-quality soft filaments guarantee a delicate but effective cleaning, without compromising the protection of tooth enamel and gums.

This combination of softness and effectiveness gives me the peace of mind of taking care of my oral health in a safe and comfortable way. The confidence I have in Vitis Suave translates into a healthy and radiant smile, which motivates me to maintain a proper brushing routine for optimal oral hygiene.

Mode of use

The mode of use of the Vitis Suave toothbrush is simple and effective. I apply a small amount of toothpaste on the brush and place it at a 45 degree angle towards my gums. With gentle, circular movements, I brush my teeth on all surfaces, paying special attention to hard-to-reach areas.

Then, I rinse my mouth thoroughly with water and the brush is ready for its next use. It is an easy and fast process that ensures me a gentle and careful cleaning in every brushing.

Real opinions and testimonials by users with Vitis Soft Brush

Reviews about the Vitis Soft toothbrush are exceptional. Users praise its softness and how it provides a delicate and comfortable cleaning. They highlight how the soft filaments protect the tooth enamel and gums, avoiding irritations. Reviews highlight that it is ideal for people with sensitive teeth and delicate gums.

Users appreciate its ergonomic design, which facilitates a comfortable grip during brushing. In addition, reviews emphasize the effectiveness of its cleaning, removing plaque and leaving a fresh and pleasant feeling. In general, positive reviews support the quality and confidence offered by Vitis Suave in oral care.

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