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Vitis hard toothbrush


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  • It makes it easy to access the interproximal spaces.
  • It is suitable for the oral cavity.
  • It contains hard filaments.
  • Effectively removes the oral biofilm or bacterial plaque.
  • It can be used every day.
  • Its head has a diamond shape.

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Hard Vitis: For a deep and vigorous cleansing

Hard Vitis it is a type of toothbrush specifically designed to provide a vigorous and deep cleaning. This brush features high-quality hard filaments, strategically arranged to remove dental plaque and persistent residues, providing an energetic and effective cleaning.

Although its bristles are firm, they are designed to protect the tooth enamel and gums, preventing possible damage. Vitis Duro offers a powerful and reliable brushing experience, ideal for those who are looking for an intense cleaning sensation and want to keep their oral health in optimal conditions. It is a reliable ally for a complete and satisfactory oral hygiene.

Hard filaments: Efficient removal of plaque and debris

The effectiveness of the hard filaments of the Vitis Duro toothbrush lies in their ability to provide a deep and thorough cleaning. These high-quality filaments are designed to efficiently remove dental plaque, stains and hard-to-reach residues. Its firmness allows vigorous brushing, resulting in a feeling of intense cleanliness and complete oral hygiene.

Despite their hardness, the filaments are carefully designed to protect the tooth enamel and gums, preventing damage and discomfort. This combination of efficiency and care makes Vitis Duro Hard filaments an ideal choice to maintain a healthy and radiant smile.

Professional experience at home: Hard Vitis

Professional experience at home with this brush provides results comparable to those obtained in a dental office. Its design and hard filaments allow a vigorous and effective cleaning, similar to that provided by a professional.

The filaments remove plaque and difficult residues, ensuring impeccable oral hygiene. The feeling of intense cleanliness and the protection of tooth enamel combine to provide a professional quality oral care experience, allowing you to maintain a healthy smile from the comfort of home.

Confidence in every brushing

To use the Vitis Hard toothbrush, apply a small amount of toothpaste and brush with gentle but firm movements. The hard filaments will remove plaque and debris effectively. Its durable construction and the feeling of intense cleanliness provide confidence in each brushing, ensuring complete oral hygiene and a fresh and healthy smile.

Real opinions about Vitis Hard Toothbrush

Reviews about the Vitis Duro toothbrush are highly positive. Users praise its ability to provide vigorous and effective cleaning, highlighting how the hard filaments remove plaque and stubborn stains.

They mention the protection of tooth enamel and gums, which prevents irritation. Reviews also highlight its durable construction and the intense cleaning sensation it provides with every use. Users appreciate the confidence it provides them during brushing, ensuring optimal oral hygiene and a satisfying experience to maintain a healthy and radiant smile.

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