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Vitis Baby

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  • Vitis Baby Gel Balsamo Gum 30 ml Thimble Gift
    Vitis Baby Gel Balsamo Gum 30 ml Thimble Gift

    Vitis Baby Gel Balsamo Gums 30 ml Thimble Gift a gel with applicator for use on baby's gums in the output of the first teeth. Relieves effectively that breakage of the gums that causes excruciating pain on crying inconsolably in the baby. a great composition of a formula a leader with an effective thimble applicator with roughness very effective in its use.

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  • Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balsamo 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balsamo 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack
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    Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balsamo 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack

    Vitis Baby Brush Gel Balm 30 ml Thimble Doll Pack a pack from newborn to take care of the baby's mouth. With a thimble pilot is a perfect complement to the pain of gums outgoing. With a doll dudu this pack is a must have for your baby from newborn. Balm of gums of 30 ml or more thimble applicator with ridges to massage the sensitive area more dudu baby.

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Vitis Baby it is a well-known care line specially developed to collaborate with oral care, favoring the conservation of the health and oral hygiene of the smallest of the house.

The size of their toothbrushes and the formulation of the gel perfectly adapts to the specific characteristics of the mouth of children under 2 years of age, providing practical, effective, innovative and quality solutions.

With the use of these products it seeks to satisfy the oral requirements of children, resulting in an improvement in the health and oral well-being from the first years of life of the little ones.

When should I start using Vitis Baby?

Vitis Baby it has products specially developed for carrying out the oral cleaning of children under the age of 2 years, in order to prevent caries from appearing in the baby teeth, since they have the same importance as the definitive ones.

Its elaboration has been directed for the realization of oral hygiene since the first teeth emerge, approximately at the age of 8 months in order to provide an improvement in the care of the entire mouth.

The formulation of these products provides superior care to the first teeth and calms their gums, so a specific toothbrush has been designed for the care of the baby's mouth.

The gel in this line of products has components that provide superior relief to the gums while teeth are emerging, providing greater cleaning once a day depending on the number of teeth that the little one has.

As he approaches the age of two, the child will have most of the teeth and it is at this time that it is recommended that he learn how to use the brush.

According to the recommendation of the pediatrician, fluoridated toothpaste should be used after two years of age in order to prevent the appearance of cavities and help the child to acquire healthy habits of dental hygiene.

So Vitis has created this line of products aimed at the special care that children require and their first teeth, since it is of great importance for their normal development.

What are the benefits of using Vitis Baby products?

Vitis Baby products have been developed with the purpose of being used during early childhood, which is the stage in which the mouth usually counts a large number of changes, such as the eruption and fall of baby teeth, exit of permanent teeth, etc.

So it has an effective Vitis Baby product offer designed to provide a specific care at each moment of the smallest of the house, adapting to the care and oral hygiene of 0 to 2 years.

In this stage the first dental eruption begins, where the known as baby teeth arise and have a specific symptomatology a few days before they arise, which is known as nonspecific marginal gingivitis.

So the components that this line of products has reduce inflammation and redness of the gum, which originate before the appearance of the whitish line where the new tooth will appear.

It is essential to be aware of the appearance of the symptoms of new teeth in order to collaborate with children in the development of healthier teeth, managing to initiate and maintain proper oral hygiene.

It is important to use specific products to collaborate with the care of the gums and teeth during teething, since the infant is provided with an improvement in their hygiene and begins to capture habits that improve their normal development.

What is Vitis Baby dental gel?

At Buy Vitis Baby dental gel you will be acquiring a product specifically designed to reduce all those discomforts related to the dental eruption process, resulting in superior protection and care for the gums.

With its use it gives a feeling of freshness to the little one, at the same time that the way of applying the product collaborates with the realization of the oral hygiene and the first care to the baby teeth begins.

Its composition has been designed with the purpose of avoiding the early formation of caries during childhood, while it has a neutral flavor that allows its use in a simple way without disturbing the little one.

Its design has been made with a fairly comfortable packaging and with a small size that favors its application at any time and place, while including a cap that makes it easier to open.

What is the Vitis Baby toothbrush like?

It has been developed with a design aimed at the hygiene of the child's mouth, for that moment when the teeth begin their eruption, in order to carry out the brushing process to prevent the accumulation of bacterial plaque.

Its structure includes ultra-soft Tynex filaments of the highest quality in order to provide a smoother cleaning that does not deteriorate the gums and the first teeth of the baby.

These filaments have a smaller size than normal brushes to fit the mouth of children from 0 to 2 years, since they have a design with a small and round head to clean all the faces of the tooth easily.

Its handle is ergonomic and with non-slip grooves, to adapt to the adult's hand and help the brushing is carried out comfortably, while its narrow neck collaborates with the reach of the entire oral cavity without generating discomfort in the baby.

What are the opinions generated by the use of Vitis Baby products?

Vitis Baby products have been designed with the purpose of preserving proper oral hygiene of babies and children, so it has a large amount of View beneficial for parents and experts in oral hygiene.

The Vitis brand has this line aimed at children from 0 to 2 years in order to improve oral hygiene from the first months of life, so it has adapted its products to the specific requirements of this age.

Among other positive opinions is the Price of Vitis Baby, as it adapts to the large number of benefits it provides to the little ones in the house and the security it causes to parents in terms of the hygiene of the mouth of children.

Since the balm gel can be used on the gums to reduce all those discomforts that are related to the first rash, managing in turn to prevent the appearance of bacterial plaque and prevent the appearance of cavities.

You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.