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Vital Proteins Original Collagen 567g


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  • Components completely pure.
  • Includes collagen peptides.
  • Raised with grass.
  • Does not include GMO.
  • You can mix in cold liquids.
  • Format 567g.

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Vital Proteins original Collagen 567g it has been made from all-natural collagen peptides, in order to preserve younger skin, healthy hair and stronger nails.

Its components collaborate with the conservation of healthy and strong bones, while promoting the maintenance of excellent comprehensive health thanks to its contribution in the contribution of a balanced diet and in the conservation of weight.

Collagen peptides are extracted from grass-fed cattle and raised in natural areas in order to certify a sustainable source and the improved quality of this potent ingredient.

Why use Vital Proteins original Collagen 567g?

This food supplement has been made from collagen peptides extracted from bovine skin fed by grasses and grass from Brazil, causing this collagen to include 18 amino acids and predominate nutrients such as glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

This mixture of components is quite specific includes a large amount of amino acids, in order to provide a collagen that provides quite functional characteristics that is not found in other protein sources.

It is important to mention that collagen exists in all connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones in order to provide in these areas of the body its strength, structure and elasticity.

As the years go by, the body decreases its efficiency in the natural production of collagen, being advisable to include collagen in the daily diet.

How does Vital Proteins original Collagen 567g work?

Its content of collagen peptides originates a variable source of proteins, since its nutritional and physiological characteristics improve the health of bones and joints, while collaborating with the conservation of more beautiful skin.

The raw material used for the extraction of collagen peptides is collagen protein; since collagen peptides are respectively reduced molecules with molecular weight less than 10,000 g / mol.

Peptides are combined with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 100 amino acids, being defined by an efficient solubility in cold water, without generating gels even in fairly concentrated solutions.

What are the characteristics of Vital Proteins original Collagen 567g?

Vital Proteins original Collagen 567g it has been made with collagen peptides, made with a simple ingredient, a neutral flavor and a texture that favors its mixture in water, coffee, smoothies, among others.

  • These collagen peptides are easily digested and can be mixed into hot or cold liquids.
  • Includes 20 g of collagen per serving.
  • Generates excellent benefits on hair and nails.
  • Increases the levels of hydration and elasticity of the skin.
  • With its consumption originates a more youthful appearance.
  • Its components lead to healthier bones and joints
  • Components extracted from cattle fed with grass and reared with grass.
  • It is a paleo friendly supplement.

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