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Laboratorios Viñas is a pharmaceutical company that operates in Spain for a little over a century. This laboratory is responsible for researching, developing, producing and marketing its products covering a number of specific areas of health.

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Specifically in this article we will talk about the laboratories of the Vineyards and the development of their products in the oral care, eye care, sensitive, care of the feet and hands, the children's health and the care of the hair and nails.

Through the development of innovative formulas, this laboratory has been featured in high levels when speaking of the best pharmaceutical products. At present, these laboratories are part of the Plan of Development of Research in Spain that aims to encourage the competitiveness pharmaceutical in this country.

The ideals from the beginning of the company have remained intact since its foundation, in fact, these ideals are the ones that have made it to stay and to differentiate itself from other pharmaceutical companies. And this differential is that the majority of their products are recommended by health professionals, users and customers.

Oral care in the Vineyards

Laboratories Vines develop through an arduous research, products for hygiene and the treatment of injuries buco-dental. The mouth is an area of the body very important for all of us, with it, we eat, we express ourselves, in the end, many essential things happening there. Laboratorios Viñas know, it is for this reason that now has many products for the care of the hygiene of the mouth. But their products are more known for their high effectiveness, are Aftex.

Aftex develops products for the treatment and control of canker sores, or mouth ulcers. These occur both in childhood and in adulthood, so that this sub-laboratories Vineyards, with treatment of thrush for both adults and children.

The infallible formula that are used by these labs for products to treat these conditions, it is a patented formula with a base ingredient, as it is the hyaluronic acid. This element is present in a physiological in the body, but in the case of presence of thrush its high production tends to improve these injuries.

In addition to all of these products have ingredients-invasive procedures that can cause burning or itching, so that its use does not cause discomfort to the contrary. None of the products of the Laboratories of the Vineyards for the treatment of thrush contains alcohol.

Care for sensitive eyes

For the care of sensitive eyes, which includes care of the tabs, the part around the eyes and on the eyelids, these laboratories also have products to be very effective, this time from the hand of your brand Belcils.

This brand has products of hygiene and also of makeup, non-invasive and non-allergenic developed under the supervision of dermatological and ophthalmological, even coming to be directly recommended by these health professionals.

Feature hygiene products, and makeup from the eyelashes. In the first focus on removing makeup effectively, and in the second to provide at the same time as make-up, the nutrients that they need the tabs to look firm and healthy. These products are especially developed for women who suffer from loss of eyelashes on a large scale, although it can also work for any other person who wants to enjoy these benefits.

On the other hand, the laboratories of Vineyards, they also feature specific products to treat the dark circles and revitalize the look, either by fatigue or by genetic characteristics, in both cases, these products work efficiently.

Care of the feet and palms of the hands

When it comes to the care of the feet and palms of the hands, this lab also features specialized products. In this case it is the products of the brand Saltratos, among others.

Specifically, these products focus on trying, tired feet. Most of these products are focused on treating the feet of people who usually have more wear and tear on this area, either for sport or for work forced physical. This brand there are products to treat calluses, and any other factor of wear and tear or neglect.

We know our feet are essential to our unfolding daily, starting because it will sustain us and also because they lead us to where we want it. These laboratories are, what they know and have therefore developed specialized products to bring improvement to the tired feet.

Child health

In terms of the health of the little ones, this lab also features the development of products to cover this area. In particular, it features the brand Calmatopic, specifically developed to soothe bruises, and also insect bites. On the other hand it also features the children of Aftex to treat canker sores and mouth ulcers in young children.

With respect to Calmatopic, these laboratories are specifically focus on ease, through the use of natural elements in their formulas, bruises that may cause bumps. Let us remember that the children, by their own instinct exploratory, often suffer many bruises, a lot more than adults.

On the other hand, we could be in the presence of the insect bites. Many of these bites could evolve to something more if not given due attention. There are products designed Calmatopic for children.

Care of hair and nails

When it comes to go-to supplements for the care of hair and nails, this lab also covers that part, this time with the development of their supplements from the brand Vitacrecil, among others.

There are cases where good nutrition is not sufficient to treat the fall or feeling the break in the hair. A good food supplement as it is the one developed by this brand, it can help in a big way to treat these problems.

On the other hand, there are also, of these laboratories, pharmaceutical products developed for the good health of the nails, elements extremely important to us, especially if it is about the protection of our fingers.

Where to buy the products of laboratories Vines?

The products in this lab you will be able to find them in the pharmacy of your closeness, or from your reliance on any part of Spain. If you don't have time to pick you up or get close to a facility you can also purchase them online at the pharmacy of your trust.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.

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