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Vichy is a brand that specializes in the manufacture and marketing of products related to health and beauty.

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It was founded in the year 1931 by a doctor, taking a roster of products and reduced by that time. Over the years, the brand has managed to spread in the market, helping women all over the globe that can take care of your beauty, as well as to combat different ravages of age.

One of their maxims is that any skin can be changed to achieve the best results for beauty, the only thing to do is to find the perfect product for her. In addition, it also has a line of products designed for those skins atopic very sensitive.

Although each one of the products of the brand are manufactured in a different way, one of the common elements is the thermal water of Vichy, a type of water that are easily absorbed by the skin and is widely recognized for having minerals unique, as well as soothing properties, regenerative, and empowering.

It helps to extract the maximum performance to any skin type.

Main products of the brand Vichy

Vichy Liftactiv: This product is considered to be the # 1 in treatments wrinkle in pharmacies. One of the keys is that on the inner level, in your formula, you have of an item known as Serum 10. This Serum helps with the regeneration of skin cells from the application of the first drop, serving to achieve a look rejuvenated by hydrating from the inside to the outside.

Vichy idealia: Idealia is a new proposal from the brand which helps to give a new approach to everything related to the rejuvenation, you will help transform your skin to look younger. It is able to cope up with the ravages deeper, getting results noticeably visible in only a few weeks from your application.

Vichy dermablend: Is a type of makeup that helps to wrinkles may be smooth in a visual way, making the complexion illuminated, relaxed, and uniform. Within a month of its use, you will notice that the wrinkles will start to fill, having a skin that is much more rejuvenated. Internally comprises thermal water of Vichy, making the formula is suitable even for skin atopic.

Vichy normaderm: Another of the most typical products of the brand, helping to fight skin that have imperfections such as clogged pores, reliefs, irregular, glitter and discordant. It is capable of acting against the pores causing them to breathe and desincrustando in depth.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal: With this category, we refer to the whole of a large quantity of items cosmetics which have the particularity that, in its formula, involving thermal water, perfect to hydrate from the inside to the outside of the skin.

Now that you know all the main features of the brand Vichy France, surely you're thinking that the same product to introduce to the shopping cart.

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