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The world of sexuality and the self is in constant change, and the dildos are not left behind, because it favors the autoerotismo and bring pleasure in the broadest sense of the word.

The Dildos are a device or sexual product that are designed with a phallic shape that, in accordance with their size, form and appearance, they resemble the reality; although in recent years there has been innovating too much in this area.

The most widely known or stand out are those dildos in the shape of a penis, also known as dildos realistic or realistic.

In addition, it is known for being a low-cost products in the sexual market as a result of its simplicity, because these toys do not have vibration or other types of internal mechanisms.

What are Those Dildos?

Dildos are one of the sexual products with more career and marketing, although this is not to say that it is not necessary to search for information about their correct use.

Their main function, like any sex toy is to generate pleasure and achieve a sexual enjoyment to the maximum in the most intimate moments, in other words, are used to cause sexual stimulation.

These can be used individually or as an add-on sex, this will depend on the tastes of each couple.

Although it will not be of sufficient utility if you are looking to innovate or experiment new sensations is one of the erotic products of low cost and it is recommended to perform the initiation of use of the toys.

It is of the utmost importance to know how to use the dildos properly, this does not mean that includes an extreme difficulty in its use, nor that the people who have already used a dildo to have done wrong.

The purpose of using a sex toy properly it comes to the purchase or learn how to use it in a way that can generate the maximum pleasure and to get a comprehensive advantage, either alone or in pairs.

What are the types of dildos?

Before you start you must have in mind that there are different types of dildos, it must have regard to the purpose of use of each of them, so they include the following:

  • Penetration.
  • Stimulation of Point g
  • As a weapon erotic in the preliminaries of a sexual relationship.
  • To make the simulation of a fellatio.
  • To complement them with a harness, as are belts with dildos attached which are known as Strap-On

How to choose a comforter?

The influx of dildos on the market is so broad that finding a comforter ideal is an authentic odyssey, it is for this reason that a large part of the people before buying one test different opinions of the person who has already purchased.

Another way to give the best product to acquire is look at lists of the most sold, although the dildos bestsellers are the ones that are known as being realistic.

The reason for these dildos are known as the most popular is due to its shape of a penis, which is pretty close to the reality, especially at the time of your use of the dildo, causing the vast majority of the people decide to use it.

What features of The Dildos?

The Dildos are in different types and ways of use, since existing comforter or dildos vaginal, who have designs double achieving the vaginal penetration and anal at the same time.

In addition, there are short, long conical shapes known as the plug or anal plug ana, large or small. The reality is that there are too many types and ways variants of use, but are characterized regularly by:

  • Size.
  • Thickness.
  • If it is vaginal or anal.
  • Dual-use, vaginal and anal.
  • For the clitoris.
  • With effect Vibrator.
  • Plug.
  • With harness waist or strap-on.
  • According to the material processing such as silicone, tpr, among others.

Why debeiras to Use a Dildo?

Masturbation has endless benefits, and is a large improvement if you decide to add sex toys like dildo which has the purpose to enhance sexuality.

But if to masturbation incorporates the use of sex toys, it becomes an act very satisfactory, leading in consequence of different benefits, whether used alone or as add-ons to the sexual games in couple.

  • Achieves best and biggest amount of orgasms.
  • Promote the knowledge of your own body.
  • You will know that he likes and does not like and as long as you like.
  • You will know the different ways in which you can get pleasure.
  • Will produce endorphins and release stress.
  • It works as a good practice prior to the relationships.
  • Achieves the prevention of infections and different health problems.
  • To use it in the company of the couple, originates as a result, people who know best.
  • Provides a boost in communication and to help in the relations between the couple.
  • Exercises improve sex life, both solo and as a couple.

What Recommendations you must Know to Use a Dildo?

There are three recommendations about the optimal use of dildos, either as a couple or individual:

For beginners

It encourage or condone the use of dildos type realistic, also known as realistic, as they have no complex functions and can be used in a fairly simple way.

When used correctly can be exploited to the fullest, by adding a experience extremely enjoyable regardless if you are in a sexual relationship with another person or alone.

For intermediates

If you have ever used or had any kind of contact with a dildo is the recommended type ejaculatory, as these will provide a maximum benefit to its function, originating as a result the ecstasy and feeling of full satisfaction.

For experts

For the more experts, we recommend the use of dildos of type double, because they manage to exert a double penetration or also offers two dildos in one only, so can be used with a partner or solo.

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