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Vibrating Rings

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  • Durex Intense Orgasmic Vibrations Anillo Vibrador Durex Intense Orgasmic Vibrations Anillo Vibrador
    Durex Intense Produce Orgasmic Vibrations Vibrating Ring

    Durex Intense produce orgasmic Vibrations Vibrating Ring is designed to provide up to 20 minutes of pulsating pleasure for both of you. Easy to turn on and off, part of the fun lies in experience with which is the position that provides greater stimulation. Durex Play Vibrations can be used with or without a condom.

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  • Casual Ring Vibrator Ring Finger Tongue Finger Casual Ring Vibrator Ring Finger Tongue Finger
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    Casual Love Ring Tongue Vibrator Ring

    It simply works with a button, so its ease of use improves the comfort of the product. Flexible material. Works with 1 L754F battery (Included) Single use ring (until end of battery) It is recommended to use waterfeel water-based lubricant and for a perfect conservation clean it with water and finish with the waterfeel toycleaner sterilizer

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  • Durex Intense Orgasmic Anillo Diablillo Durex Intense Orgasmic Anillo Diablillo
    Durex Intense Produce Orgasmic Vibrations Ring Imp

    Durex Intense produce orgasmic Ring Imp, innovative ring durex for a greater enjoyment of your sexual relationship, in the form of barbed produces a devil of pleasure, favors the direct stimulation of the clitoris. thanks to his performance also maintains the male erection.

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  • Toy Joy Imperial Rabbit Kit 7 Toys Toy Joy Imperial Rabbit Kit 7 Toys
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    Sex Toys Kit Imperial Rabbit 7 Toys

    Manufacturer Toyjoy 1 Vibrator Adaptable to various covers pleasurable. 2 soft Balls of pleasure. 2 Covers for vibrator enjoyable. Anal Chain Soft. Ring Stimulator clitoris.

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  • Vibrator ring, Cocking an Ultra-soft
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    Vibrator ring, Cocking an Ultra-soft Purple

    Vibrator ring, Cocking an Ultra-soft. Stimulator Clitoris immediately. Feeling pleasant in a couple. More excitement for her and more. Double set of batteries

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  • Neon Magic Touch Finger Thimble Purple Neon Magic Touch Finger Thimble Purple
    -16% New
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Neon Magic Touch Finger Thimble Purple

    It is perfect for foreplay. To enjoy as a couple with their exciting vibrations. Massage with vibration on folds. Phthalate free Length: 787mm Weight: 85.05 gr 2AA batteries not included

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  • Casual Love Ring Double Pleasure Ring Lilac Casual Love Ring Double Pleasure Ring Lilac
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    Casual Love Ring Double Pleasure Ring Lilac

    Extend the fun and make the pleasure last with this vibrant casual ring double for beginners.This fun ring will produce explosive results and is the perfect complement to any spontaneous encounter. The powerful bullet provides incredible vibrations for your partner, while the super elastic ring helps maintain thicker and harder erections. Try the ring...

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  • Calexotics Vibrator Ring Lilac Calexotics Vibrator Ring Lilac
    Delivery in 24 hours
    Calexotics Vibrator Ring Lilac

    This vibrating penis ring is the buzz all over the city. For the person who is simply not satisfied with the standard, the Foil Pack vibrating ring gives you the dynamic coverage you need and the function you deserve. Maintain your member's strength, girth and pleasure by using this super elastic ring to comfortably embrace your most valuable possession,...

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  • Control Max Power Ring
    Out of stock
    Control Max Power Ring

    Control Max Power Ring prolongs the pleasure and the erection of the natural way, that is adjustable and flexible, made of silicone is suev and adjustable so that the power of the erection is more prolonged and durable, more erection more pleasure and sex more enjoyable.

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  • Control Ring Vibrator 4 Veliocidades
    Out of stock
    Control Ring Vibrator 4 Veliocidades

    Control Ring Vibrator 4 Veliocidades, 4 pleasant intensities to ensure pleasure in man and woman, can be combined with condoms with stretch marks for intense pleasure and durable, with a duration of approximately 20 minutes

    8,95 € -24.0541% 6,80 €
  • Durex Ring of pleasure
    Out of stock
    Durex Ring of pleasure

    Durex Ring of pleasure ensures more firmness over time in sexual relationships, this specialized to maintain and maximize the erection for longer and helps to increase the pleasure of both, Very elastic and soft.

    10,00 € -12.517% 8,75 €
  • Vibrator ring, Cocking an Ultra-soft Transparent
    Out of stock
    Vibrator ring, Cocking an Ultra-soft Transparent

    Vibrator ring, Cocking an Ultra-soft. Stimulator Clitoris immediately. Feeling pleasant in a couple. More excitement for her and more. Double set of batteries

    7,95 € -37.7497% 4,95 €
  • Live Senca Ring rechargeable Live Senca Ring rechargeable
    Out of stock
    Live Senca Ring rechargeable

    Rechargeable Water-resistant / Suitable for shower or Spa Made of 100% Silicone anti-dust, with the best soft touch of a sextoy Measures; 69.5 x 58.5 mm Function Climax / Unique in the world! Time-of-use with the 100% load / 45 min 10 Modes of powerful vibration to soft 11.000 Beats per minute Charging time 45 Min Silent

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  • Casual Love Bunny Vibrator Ring Lilac Casual Love Bunny Vibrator Ring Lilac
    Out of stock
    Casual Love Bunny Vibrator Ring Lilac

    Ring stimulator of clitoris and vaginal exciter, with which you can increase the pleasure in your intimate relationships, to unsuspected limits.Made of top quality TPR. Thanks to its great flexibility, it adapts to any size of penis. It has a small switch, to be able to turn it on and stop it at any time.

    4,95 € -29.3556% 3,50 €

The Vibrating Rings they are sex toys designed to generate an improvement and a change in sexual relations, providing an exciting touch to share with our partner and in this way increase the pleasure during sex.

These rings are presented as a very fun and pleasant alternative since it generates a great utility for the person who wears it and provides greater enjoyment to the couple.

This toy has been designed for men and is placed on the penis to increase the firmness of erections for greater amount of time during sexual encounter.

What is it and what are Vibrating Rings for?

At Buy Vibrating Rings a sex toy designed for the penis is acquired, so it has been made with soft, elastic and safe materials that are used to fence the penis as it is usually placed at its base, in the testicles or both.

With its use it retains a little blood that circulates to this area, increases the duration of erections and improves firmness during sexual intercourse, resulting in more intense and lasting.

In addition, there are various sizes and formats that will suit the penis excellently, in order to provide comfort and superior blood flow, while its vibration provides optimal stimulation to the clitoris.

This product has a variety of models and brands quite wide, as well as vivid colors and fun designs, being advisable to check the levels of vibration generated, if it works with rechargeable battery or if it includes a remote control.

How do Vibrating Rings work?

These rings have been formed by a ring made with a flexible material, which is usually silicone and is located at the base of the penis, causing its vibration thanks to the vibrating bullet included in its structure.

These toys have been developed to produce pleasure in the couple, the man and the woman, since its vibrating effect increases the excitement of the clitoris in women, while its form delays ejaculation causing a more lasting and pleasant sexual relationship.

It is a fairly simple equipment to use and can be employed to improve sexual relations with the partner, while decreasing erection problems by its ability to stop blood in the penis improving erection time.

It can be used in the company of the condom, so if it is not used with a condom it is recommended to apply lubricant. At the time of Buy Vibrating Rings it should be taken into account that there are:

  • With different vibration intensities.
  • Made with rubber or leather, so they can be adjusted.
  • They are designed with plastic or metal and are one size fits all.

What are the benefits of using Vibrating Rings?

It is essential to mention that it is not the strongest of vibrators, but the Vibrating Rings are Cheap, measured, simple to use and favor the improvement of sexual life in couples since they provide the following advantages:

  • It is a product compatible with condoms.
  • They are placed in a simple way, since you only need to slide the vibrating ring to the base of the penis and activate a tiny button that activates the engine to start the vibrations
  • It can be used with some kind of lubricant to displace is simple form.
  • It is easily used and activated.
  • Some types include a rough texture that generates an increase in stimulation.
  • Others feature a slight bump that stimulate the female clitoris.
  • There are some presentations that include a double or triple ring to generate greater stimulation in the testicles and perineum.

How does premature ejaculation decrease using Vibrating Ring?

These rings are usually used to decrease premature ejaculation, since they partially suspend circulation, causing a feeling of numbness and tingling that collaborates with the delay of ejaculation.

Resulting in an increase in minutes of pleasure, being recommended for these patients the use of rings made from flexible materials, such as rubber, latex or silicone.

Metal models are not recommended as they are very hard and can become a serious health hazard.

How many times can Vibrating rings be used?

When acquiring the ring it is advisable to make sure that it can be reused, since there are some that are reusable and can be used up to 6 times for a maximum of 30 minutes in each session in order to extend the useful life of the battery.

The manufacturers of these articles suggest that they should not be used for more than 30 continuous minutes, being advisable not to fall asleep or consume drugs while it is being used, since it can generate a risk to the health of the user.

It is important to pay attention and remove the ring if you feel numbness, pain or cold in the penis, as if it is placed for too long they can be dangerous and generate priapism, which is a medical problem that must be treated immediately.

In addition, it can generate severe and permanent damage if used for a period longer than 30 minutes, such as gangrene or even need surgical amputation of the penis.

What recommendations should be taken into account when using vibrating rings?

Initially it is advisable to use lubricant when placing it or using it in the company of the condom, while it is recommended to follow the following recommendations to generate better results:

  • Try to have short pubic hair in order to avoid the appearance of uncomfortable chafing.
  • The lubricant to be used must be water-based to facilitate its placement and to make the removal of the ring easier.
  • Do not use for more than 30 minutes since it can cause deterioration in the blood circulation of this intimate area.
  • It is recommended to remove before ejaculating.
  • It is not recommended to use if you have circulatory problems, clotting problems or diabetes, without first consulting a doctor before use.

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