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  • Chicco Cup soft 6 months 200 ml blue Chicco Cup soft 6 months 200 ml blue
    Chicco Cup soft 6 months 200 ml

    Chicco Cup soft 6 months 200 ml

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  • Sophie the Girafe giraffe Cup Preventer
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    Sophie the Girafe giraffe Cup Preventer

    Sophie the Girafe giraffe Cup Preventer is non-spill and inside has a jirafita fun, with power no spill is perfect for the younger ones to learn how to start to drink water them by themselves. Thanks to their colors stimulate their visual attention, you Can check our full catalogue of sophie girafe here

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  • Sophie the Girafe giraffe Set Meal
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    Sophie the Girafe giraffe Set Meal

    Sophie the Girafe giraffe Set Meal a full set and original Sophie the giraffe composed of a plate, bowl and glass, plus two covered to be able to make lunch time more fun on a daily basis. Plate, bowl, cup more spoon and fork so that they learn to eat. A design sweet, I love it personally.

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Currently there are a lot of types and designs of Glasses Drinks, which have a wide range of forms and various features that can make it difficult to selection at the time of purchase one if you don't have a lot of experience.

When you have to choose a Glass To Drink it is of great importance it is one that will help the child learn how to drink only, to the time that includes a mechanism to avoid spills that resulted in the first attempts.

On the market you will find there is a few more light and ergonomic that make it easier to use, but you must have the security that is produced without the use of materials that may be detrimental to the small.

When and how to start using the glass?

It is recommended that you start using the Glass you Drink between 6 and 9 months as it is considered as the stage perfectly for the baby to begin to take different liquids and can be ingested through the.

In the same way, you can start with the Vessels For Drinking or training to provide you with the drink directly from the glass, it will all depend on the practice that we provide and when she turns 1 year you can use only the glass of training and after 18 months the glass normal.

Another option that is typically used is to give the small glass of training at 1 year, there are mothers who go to this stage more quickly and decisively, leading to the small shopping " to choose the cup you like the most.

Although, if the infant is being breastfed when you meet the one year of age, it can follow any of the recommendations described above, since it is advised that when they reach 18 months, they are habituated to the use of Cups To Drink to the intake of other liquids.

It is important to mention that learning to drink from a cup is something that needs a progressive learning because it is not a skill that is natural, so it is recommended that you start your practice from the baby to begin the diversification of its power.

What are the types of vessels for baby?

When you start feeding diversified it suggests that babies who are bottle-fed begin to detach from the bottle with nipple, initiating a period of transition in which it can use various types of vessels, among the more common are:

Glass of learning with nipple extra soft

It is a glass aimed at beginners that can be manipulated from 4 months, since usually have handles that make it easier to the baby to use, and includes a nozzle flexible and fairly soft.

Usually the nipples of this type of glass is made of silicone, with the aim to make it more comfortable and gentle to the gums of the baby, it is still essential to have an anti-drip system.

Glass of learning with soft tip

This glass has characteristics very similar to the glass above, and may also be used for the initiation, the difference lies in its mouthpiece is ergonomically designed and it helps that the baby's lips are in the correct position for drinking.

It has a far less soft, but flexible and it is recommended that you have an anti-drip system that prevents spills during the first few days of use.

Glass or bowl for food

Suggested for use after one year of age, since this type of glasses of food makes it all the more simple the development of the techniques learned and the training of the employment of a cigarette, with one end ergonomic and flexible in the form of straw.

Tumbler with lid

It is an excellent option for when the baby has already learned how to use the glass, as it encourages the continued development of their motor skills and can be used for not a substitute for a vessel of glass or other material that can break.

This type of Vessels Baby , which include a cap and may have a non-slip base, as they are an excellent option for when the infant or child are drinking independently.

What are the advantages of bring in the vessels of transition?

Before the intake of neutral liquids that are provided by an adult using either a bottle, a syringe, a spoon or a glass common to the baby, the vessels of transition provide a wealth of advantages, among which are:

  • Help the baby in the learning of new skills, as you take the cup and handle increases their motor skills, oral presentations, at the same time, which helps the coordination of hands and eyes to be more advanced.
  • Works with your independence and self-regulation of the sensation of thirst, as it helps the baby to drink water whenever you are thirsty and not when your mom or dad feel they should be drinking.
  • They are more comfortable and provide security, since this type of vessels are less heavy, they are easy to grip, does not break easily, many include valve and are very easy to wash.

How to choose the right glass for your baby?

When the time came to purchase the first Vessel To Baby is when parents are wondering about the types and how to choose the vessel proper, so that when you reach this stage you should take into account the following:

  • The glass must have system non-spill of learning with the aim of helping the little learning of the use of any glass.
  • You may not include in your development GAP, taking into account that it is a quality product.
  • It has a design to provide an effective care to your teeth and to engage with the development of the muscles of the mouth, this is the main recommendation of pediatricians and dentists.
  • They can be disassembled to wash properly, including valves, drip, and if it is suitable for a dishwasher is best.
  • It must be lightweight and that can be taken with firmness to promote the autonomy of the small, to the time that has the optimal capacity to quench your thirst.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.

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