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Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml


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Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml Cream of urea at 30%. Recovers softness and flexibility of the skin thanks to the moisturizing power and queratorreguladora of the urea and the emollient properties of an excipient in cream. Formula tested under dermatological control.

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Ureadin Ultra 30 Moisturizing Cream 100 ml it is formulated to create a repairing action specifically on skin that is thickened and with hardness, since it provides a greater exfoliation.

This cream manages to reduce different skin problems, as it helps moisturize the skin while generating a barrier in the skin area as a result of the ingredient Urea ISDIN.

It is made with a base that helps its texture is not greasy, which provides a rapid absorption of the product, in addition, that ensures that the application of this product is easier if it is done on a daily basis since it is Galenic.

Benefits of Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml

It is an exfoliant that eliminates thickening achieving penetrating hydration, having optimal hydration for the skin due to ISDIN Urea, contains a texture that is not greasy with which an excellent absorption is achieved in a faster way.

This cream gets its name because the content of the urea it contains, generates an excellent effect that helps treat skin that suffers from dryness and roughness.

This cream is formulated to generate greater hydration and repair, since it is indicated for all types of thickened skin and with hardness, as a result of which it is an excellent reducer resulting in greater softness in the skin.

It is an excellent exfoliant that achieves the elimination of thicknesses so that the skin looks hydrated, in addition to achieving that a skin barrier is created due to ISDIN Urea, its texture is not greasy which generates that it is absorbed quickly without any problem.

 Features of Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml

Ureadin Ultra 30 Moisturizing Cream 100 ml ands an exfoliating or moisturizing cream that should be used for the treatment of Calluses such as those on the heel.

  • It is recommended to use in the summer season to generate a greater feeling of freshness.
  • It is excellent to treat hyperkeratosis so that the skin will be soft and thin.
  • It achieves the restoration of the barrier that possesses the dermis.
  • If you use this cream in the right way you can provide the best results which will make the skin look healthy.
  • It is easy to apply so the results are easy to achieve.
  • Results are obtained immediately obtaining a smoother skin, soft and clean.

Indications of Ureadin Ultra 30 Exfoliating Cream 100 ml

Ureadin Ultra 30 Moisturizing Cream 100 ml it should be applied once to twice in the course of the day, focusing on the most affected areas of the skin, at the time of use should be applied light massages until complete absorption of the product is achieved.

The application of this product should be avoided if the skin is infected, injured or irritated.