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Ureadin Ultra 20 Moisturizing cream 100 ml


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Ureadin 20% cream 100ml. 20% urea cream. Recovers the softness and flexibility of the skin thanks to the moisturizing and keratorregulatory capacity of urea and the emollient properties of its excipient in cream. Formula tested under dermatological control.

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Ureadin Ultra 20 Moisturizing cream 100 ml it is a product that offers greater hydration in an intense way, thus achieving the restoration of the skin barrier, thanks to the Urea ISDIN maintains an excellent resistance to water.

It manages to generate a greater recovery of the different levels of hydration in an optimal way, and after a prolonged time of use, a superior defense of the defense system that is found in the skin is obtained.

It gives the body the advantage of reducing the roughness and roughness found on the skin, this as a result of the exfoliating action produced by ISDIN Urea.

Benefits of Ureadin Ultra 20 Moisturizer 100 ml

Ureadin Ultra 20 Moisturizing cream 100 ml it is formulated to create a repairing action with which optimal hydration of rough and very dry skin is achieved.

It is a cream that provides excellent hydration and helps to avoid roughness in the specific areas of the knees and elbows, since it contains among its ingredients a percentage of ISDIN Urea.

It is indicated to be used on rough and rough skin, offering as main objective the ultra hydration with which you have the assurance that you will not suffer from any type of roughness or roughness while using the cream.

It is indicated specifically for the areas of the elbows, knees and for the skin that has pimples, since these areas are the ones that are most affected by the roughness and roughness.

This product contains an exfoliating action with which it achieves an ideal restoration of the skin barrier, thus achieving water retention with which it restores the ideal levels of hydration, which results in the reinforcement of the skin defenses.

Main features of Ureadin Ultra 20 Moisturizer 100 ml

The texture with which Ureadin Ultra 20 Moisturizing cream 100 mlit was created guarantees that it is completely unctuous since it has no fats, generating that it can be absorbed quickly.

  • Its daily use helps to make its application very simple, in addition, to obtain the maximization of the results of the product.
  • Provides a perfect hydration in a more intense way.
  • It is especially suitable for use on rough and rough skin.
  • It should be used on specific areas of the body.
  • Its formula contains 20% ISDIN Urea.
  • Its presentation is 100ml per container.
  • It is also indicated for skins that tend to flake.

How to use the Ureadin Ultra 20 Moisturizing cream 100 ml

This product can be applied once or twice a day depending on the need of the consumer, on dry and clean skin, being constant in the application in the areas that are most affected

For best results, it should be used daily and prolonged, since hydration will be more abundant so that the repair of the skin is performed optimally thus reducing roughness and roughness.

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