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Ureadin RX 40 Gel Oil Scrub 30 ml


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Ureadin RX 40 Gel Oil Scrub 30 ml oil is easy to apply for hydration extreme of your skin. It is super creamy which makes it apply very easy and the skin can absorb very fast. easy to use and apply, and very useful in cases of extreme dryness.

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Ureadin RX 40 Exfoliating Gel Oil 30 ml it is a treatment that aims to exfoliate the skin that is dry, so it is specifically indicated for areas that suffer from thickening due to dryness.

This exfoliating gel is also indicated for an effective reduction and cleaning of calluses, in addition to helping in the improvement of nails that are thickened.

Due to its high concentration of urea it achieves the improvement of the penetration of the antifungal ingredients, providing an optimal softness in the upper layers of the skin and generates a propitious stability for the effects of this. 

Benefits of Ureadin RX 40 Exfoliating Gel Oil 30 ml

This excellent gel Ureadin RX 40 Exfoliating Gel Oil 30 ml it helps to achieve the decrease of thickening found in the skin and nails as a result of the action of Urea ISDIN.

  • Improves the absorption of the antifungal treatment until the necessary softness is reached for the outer layers of the nails and skin.
  • The texture that this gel has helps to generate a better penetration and absorption in the skin, since it obtains a superior stability thanks to the ISDIN Urea it contains.
  • It generates an intense exfoliating effect in the areas that are most affected by growths, such as the calluses that have been on the nails that can be visualized as poorly formed.
  • It is an excellent helper in the treatment of antifungal and flat warts, as well as nail psoriasis and onychogrifosis.

Indications of Ureadin RX 40 Gel Oil exfoliating 30 ml

It is indicated for use on skin that suffers from the appearance of Calluses, as well as for nails that are thickened.

A generous amount can be applied to the foot or nails that need to be treated thus offering improvement or maintenance, opting to apply the necessary amount once or twice a day after having performed a deep hygiene and drying that area.

After applying the cream, a deep cleaning should be carried out on the hands, so that there is no trace of this product.

To achieve a better effect you can use an oil that is special for the feet, you can also use the usual utensils to achieve a greater reduction of calluses and fungi.

At the time of making the application of Ureadin RX 40 Exfoliating Gel Oil 30 ml care should be taken not to have any contact with the eyes or mucous membranes, the use of the product should be avoided when the skin has cuts or cracks.

Extreme care should be taken with the storage of this product as it should not be within reach of children and should be placed in a dry and cool place where it does not contain any type of exposure at high temperatures.