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Ureadin lotion 200 ml


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Ureadin lotion 200 ml Pump is the best deal of non-cream of the hands of the online offer to buy in offering the entire range ureadin in your non-online farmaciamarket.

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The skin on the hands is completely exposed to different environmental conditions, so it has sebaceous glands that help this area can be easily rescued.

For these reasons are created different creams that are specific to be used in the area of the hands that provide a completely protective and moisturizing action.

Ureadin Hand Cream 200 ml it is created to provide lasting and intense hydration, as a result of the 2.5% of urea contained in the product, achieving an activation in the protective barrier that generates in addition to restoring hydration.

Benefits of Ureadin Hand Cream 200 ml

The hands are exposed to a large number of external aggressions, so Ureadin Hand Cream 200 ml it gives them enough hydration to fight against the damage received.

  • It is an excellent stimulant for the delay of aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • It strengthens the skin barrier found in the skin.
  • It has exfoliating properties for the care that the hands should have.
  • Urea is used specifically for skin care thanks to the moisturizing properties it has and therefore increases water levels in the layers of the skin.
  • This cream is specifically indicated for dry skin ensuring rapid absorption and prolonged enrichment.
  • Prevents cracks or different types of painful dryness that may exist in the skin, since it optimally restores skin stability.
  • It is a cream specially created to help repair the damage caused by the weather, generating deep hydration thanks to the natural protection layer that is generated in the skin.
  • Helps skin look softer and more elastic.
  • It generates an ideal protection against external aggressors.
  • It is indicated for people with dry hands.
  • It is responsible for generating greater hydration, while generating the reinforcement of skin barriers.
  • It is an intense and prolonged moisturizer that helps to activate the optimal levels of hydration.
  • It is made with a concentrated formulation which has a rapid absorption.

Indications of Ureadin Hand Cream 200 ml

Ureadin Hand Cream 200 ml it is used for the daily care of the hands providing protection against aggressions that can be caused by external agents preventing the hands from becoming dry.

This cream should be applied to the skin of the hands in small amounts, this area should be clean and dry, it should be performed at the time of application gentle massages to achieve total absorption of the cream, as many times as required.

This fast absorption hand cream generates intense and prolonged hydration with which the skin becomes soft and elastic as a result of its urea content that achieves the activation of optimal levels of hydration.

It can be ideal to be used at any time of the day, as long as it is considered necessary since it is not sensitizing.

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