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Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml


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Ureadin Isdin Repairing hand cream 50 ml Protects and repairs dry, damaged and punished hands. It is indicated for the hydration and integral care of the hands and guarantees an intense moisturizing and repairing effect. 

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The hands are exposed to different environmental conditions, so they are affected by dryness, tightness, cracks and signs of aging, so their daily hydration is completely necessary.

Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml it is created with the aim of repairing the skin of the hands from the damage caused by external factors, thanks to its concentrated formula achieves a better hydration of the skin making it soft and elastic.

Thanks to its content of coenzyme Q10, it optimally achieves the prevention of the appearance of aging, in addition, that it can be absorbed quickly.

Benefits of Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml

Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml logra the restoration and repair of battered hands, which is ideal for people who own a job or who perform daily activities in which they are exposed to different external aggressions.

  • Hydration is carried out intensely and immediately.
  • It can be used for hands that are very dry or cracked.
  • This cream is made to be absorbed immediately without generating residues, so the results are obtained faster.
  • It provides an excellent repair to the skin barrier so it helps in the prevention of aging of this area.
  • In this way it achieves the ideal hydration and care so that the hand properly withstand dryness, flaking and cracking that can be influenced.
  • It is indicated for those skin of the hands that are extremely dry and cracked.

Main Main Ingredients of Ureadin Repair Plus Hand Cream 50 ml

This hand cream is special to regenerate skin that is especially damaged or dry as a result of external factors, thanks to its active ingredients such as:

  • Urea: provides optimal maintenance of hydration levels that the skin should have.
  • Coenzyme Q10: provides the formula with the antioxidant properties necessary for the ideal protection of skin cells.
  • Dexpanthenol: it is an excellent healer promoting that the skin is not affected by wounds, roughness, irritations or dryness.

Indications of Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml

Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml it is used for the elimination of dryness in the hands, since it is essential because this product generates optimal protection against different external factors and chemical agents.

These agents manage to dry the skin, in addition to providing the appearance of cracks and accelerate aging, so it is essential to use this type of products for the improvement and sustenance of the hands in general.

How to Use Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml

Ureadin Hand Cream Plus Repair 50 ml it should be applied in small amounts on the skin of the hands performing gentle massages until complete absorption of the same.

It can be applied during the day, especially when the skin is exposed to external agents, in the amounts considered necessary. 

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