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Ureadin Deodorant Roll-On 50 ml


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Ureadin deodorant 50 ml a deodorant effect antiperspirant and efficiency 24 hours, it is Non-irritating since it does not Contain alcohol. A deodorant that will allow you to break a sweat without danger of smell and with the quality isdin manufacturer of ureadin.

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The body has the ability to detect strong changes in body temperature, either because of heat or the rise of physical exercise, achieving the activation of the function of the sweat glands.

And by this activation sweat is created as a way for the body to cool down. Although, on different occasions this sweat can generate discomfort, that the appearance of contracting moisture and odor in different areas. 

Ureadin Deodorant Roll On 50 ml it is created to provide the body with a formula that provides hydration and softness, achieving optimal skin care, quickly stopping the reproduction of particles that manage to generate sweat and annoying odors of it.

Benefits of Ureadin Deodorant Roll On 50 ml

This deodorant helps in the recovery of hydration and freshness, achieving an excellent antiperspirant effect with which sweating is prevented from being generated abundantly.

  • It gives the armpits the absence of moisture providing as a result a softness generated by the formulation of talc microparticles.
  • It contains a moisturizing effect thanks to its ISDIN urea content.
  • It provides ideal protection due to the antibacterial action of triclosan.
  • It is an excellent antiperspirant that has a efficacy of 24 hours and added alcohol.
  • It provides a maintenance of the drier and cleaner area for a long time, since its ingredients have the maximum respect for the stability that the skin must have.
  • The effect it generates is for an average time of 24 hours, everything will depend on the type of sweating that the consumer has.
  • Prevents under any circumstances elimination of the production of bad odors.
  • It is created with a fully functional roll-on format for sensitive skin.
  • Its use is completely simple as it manages to slide through the armpits easily and keep the skin drier.

Indications of Ureadin Deodorant Roll On 50 ml

Ureadin Deodorant Roll On 50 ml it is indicated specifically for people who have sensitive skin, although it can also be used by all types of people.

It is indicated that the use of the product must be daily to achieve the desired results, in addition, that it will not possess the problems with the appearance of irritations since the same manage to prevent the appearance of excessive humidity and undesirable odors.

The product can be placed in the area after showering, since it has a composition with a practical roll-on that generates an effect that remains active on the skin for a time of 24 hours and does not have added alcohol.

To achieve these results it must be applied daily to activate the anti-perspiration action with which a moisturizing power is obtained.

Achieving the maintenance of the armpits with a soft structure, which does not let it suffer from any type of sensation of moisture due to the formula of microparticles it contains, it is also indicated for the different types of skin that exist.

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