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Ureadin Calm Oleogel Protector 200 ml


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  • Format of oil.
  • Nutritional effect.
  • favors and body care.
  • Creates a lovely lather.
  • Promotes a clean plus soft.
  • Contain oils of natural origin.

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Ureadin Calm oil Protector 200 ml it is an oil specifically formulated to be used during the shower, in order to provide greater nutrition during the daily hygiene of dry skin.

With its use a foam is generated that leaves a quite pleasant feeling while providing a softer hygiene, while its high content of natural oils provides greater nutrition to the skin.

It favors the replacement of lipids in order to generate a protective film against the formation of dryness, while reducing the sensation of itching and providing deeper nutrition.

Why use Ureadin Calm Oleogel Protector 200 ml?

This oil causes a protective effect on dry and dehydrated skin, while reducing various discomfort such as the feeling of tightness and itching during daily care, as it provides deeper hydration.

Its components favor the replacement of lipids that the skin requires to effectively generate its protective function, resulting in excellent results when used on normal and dry skin.

This oily gel can be used in the shower without using soap, in those skins that are sensitive or reactive and do not tolerate the use of soaps, resulting in The Restitution of the flexibility and comfort of the skin.

With its frequent use, the skin restitution of damaged and reddened skins is generated, thanks to its excellent content of dexpanthenol, natural oils, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

How does Ureadin Calm Oleogel Protector 200 ml originate its excellent results?

Ureadin Calm oil Protector 200 ml it includes a ProComfort formulation that collaborates with the reduction of the sensation of itching while providing a fairly deep nutrition in dry skin.

It includes in its formulation dexpanthenol mixed with essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6 in order to provide strength to the skin barrier improving the sensation of the skin and improving its softness.

  • Dexpanthenol or pro-vitamin B5: creates a regenerating and moisturizing effect on the skin, while calming the feeling of tightness in dry skin.

  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids: treats the lack of lipids that cause the skin to perform its protective functions properly.

  • Vitamin E: it generates an antioxidant effect as it absorbs free radicals that are responsible for causing premature aging of the skin, causing an anti-aging effect.

  • Additionally, it contains other active ingredients such as soy glycine, ricinus communis, panthenol and tocopherols.

Who can use Ureadin Calm Oleogel Protector 200 ml?

Ureadin Calm oil Protector 200 ml it has been developed to be used by men, women and children who have dry, sensitive or atopic skin providing effective nutrition and improving the skin barrier function, providing softness and comfort in the skin.

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