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Ureadin Bath Gel Bath 1000ml + 200ml Gift


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  • It preserves the natural pH of the skin.
  • Protects the delicate skin.
  • Includes a second gel in format traveler.
  • Does not include soap in their composition.
  • Promotes the skin barrier.
  • Provides hydration more intense.

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Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml Plus Gift 200 ml it is a duo of Bath gel that has been specially formulated to clean the skin of the body daily, generating excellent results in dry skin.

It provides an effective hygiene without generating any deterioration in the integrity of the skin as a result of its composition that includes a large number of emollient agents, while hydrating and preserving the skin barrier due to its Urea ISDIN content.

It includes a foaming formula that does not contain soap in order to respect the natural pH of the body while taking care of delicate skin and is composed of a family package and another in travel format as a gift that can be transported anywhere.

What benefits does Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml plus gift 200 ml provide?

It is a duo designed to generate more intense hydration in dry skin, since it is made as a light and fast absorption lotion that does not include soap in its formulation in order to preserve the skin barrier.

With its use an effective hygiene of the whole body is generated and thanks to its formulation can be used daily, even if the skin is dry, effectively cleaning without damaging the structure of the skin by its content of emollient agents.

Its specifically selected components create an effective hydration, while preserving the protective barrier of the skin as a result of its ISDIN Urea content and its foaming formula that does not contain soap.

How does Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml Plus Gift 200 ml work?

Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml Plus Gift 200 ml it is a duo that includes a moisturizing cream in family format and another in travel presentation, which favor hydration and deep nutrition, especially in the driest and most dehydrated skin.

It includes in its formulation an effective content of Urea, which is a molecule of natural origin that is present in the skin and is empowered to preserve hydration and prevent dehydration.

With the use of this pack originates a skin more nourished and hydrated for a prolonged period of time, while providing a high tolerance to not include soap in its composition and provides effective hygiene in the body for its foam and effective cleansing power.

Who can use Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml Plus Gift 200 ml?

Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml Plus Gift 200 ml it has been developed to generate the body hygiene of all skin, especially dry or strained skin, providing effective hydration to the skin as a result of the absence of soap to its formulation.

It includes in its composition 5% urea in order to generate excellent benefits in rough and scaly dry skin thanks to the fact that it includes components of extreme softness, and can be used by the whole family.

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