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Ureadin Bath Gel bath 1000 ml


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Ureadin bath gel is a shower gel without soap to avoid the appearance of redness and sloughing of the skin. Indicated for dry skin, provides a deep hydration.

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Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml it is created to optimally clean the body daily on dry skin, since it provides excellent hygiene without damaging the integrity of the area to be used, due to the emollient agents with which it is formulated.

It provides hydration, respecting the skin barrier as a result of the Urea ISDIN content, in addition this formula is foamy but does not have soap that can generate dryness in the skin.

It is especially indicated for skins that need great protection in the skin barrier, since it performs an optimal hygiene, managing not to deteriorate the integrity of the skin, while providing excellent hydration.

Benefits of Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml

Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml it is indicated to perform in the best way the cleansing of the body, especially in skins that are dry to provide them with the necessary hydration and in this way make them look hydrated.

  • It performs a favorable hygiene without damaging the integrity of the area in which it is to be used and this is thanks to the composition of emollient agents that this formula contains.
  • The care with this product is daily so it achieves an ideal protection for dry skin.
  • Respects the skin barrier as well as hydrating the skin due to the content of Urea ISDIN.
  • It has a foamy formulation, but at the same time has no soap.
  • By making a daily use of this product provides improvement for dry skin conditions, so it helps restore the superficial layers that the skin has, achieving excellent resistance and elasticity.
  • It provides greater relief in the feelings of tightness generated by dry skin, as a result of the urea it contains and is used for the great moisturizing qualities it generates.
  • Prolonged use of this product generates an increase in the portions of water that are present in the dermis area, which makes it useful in cases where dry skin is present.

Characteristics of the Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml

The main use given to this product is to generate a better cleansing and hydration of the body daily, eliminating dryness so it completely avoids roughness and flakiness.

  • It generates optimal hygiene without containing any soap, it is enriched with a percentage of urea.
  • It excludes the effect of the rough dermis, so it does not possess the tightness that it causes.
  • It provides protection to the skin barrier achieving an effective cleansing and taking care of the integrity of the skin.
  • It has a moisturizing formula due to its Isdin Urea content.

How to use the Ureadin Bath Gel 1000 ml

It should be used on the skin when it is moistened, applying slight massages until a clear foam is obtained. It is advisable to use other body lotions Ureadin in combination with this product.