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Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml


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  • Enamel with a hardening effect.
  • Suitable for fragile and brittle nails.
  • It includes ceramides in its formulation.
  • Effectively cares for the surface of the nails.
  • Increases resistance to any activity.
  • Improves the hydration of the nails.

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What is Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml?

Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml it is a product made from ceramides in order to provide an increase in the strength of the nails, resulting in an effect that provides superior care to those that are fragile and brittle.

With its use it prevents the nails from deteriorating easily, since it includes a composition specially designed to generate an increase in the resistance and superior care of the nail structure.

In our parapharmacy there are numerous Offer that allow provide optimal care and protection to the nails before exposure to various aggressions that can deteriorate their integrity every day altering their structure

Why Buy Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml in Pharmacy Market?

This beneficial hardener has been formulated with the purpose of caring for, moisturizing and repairing the structure of the nails, providing an improvement in their luminosity, strength, resistance, nutrition and noticeably improving their general appearance.

It has a beneficial Price, which is in accordance with the large number of benefits that it originates in the care of the nails, managing to reduce the fragility of the nails and the appearance of the nail plate breakage.

In order to make its application easier, this product can be Buy with a beneficial brush format, facilitating its use and causing that it can be placed evenly throughout the nail.

With their regular use, the nails will be able to recover their natural hardness, effectively preventing them from becoming brittle and fragile, providing effective care before the continued use of enamels or other cosmetic products.

In addition, it prevents its deterioration from being generated as a result of the conservation of bad habits, such as biting nails, an unbalanced diet or tobacco consumption, since they usually decrease the strength of the nails and deteriorates them.

Who is Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml aimed at?

This hardener has been specifically developed for those people who want to provide superior care to their nails, resulting in excellent results in those nails that have superior fragility.

Its formulation includes a selection of components that prevent nails from breaking frequently, so in our parapharmacy you get the best prices on offer from Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml to harden them and preserve their hydration.

Who is Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml aimed at?

In order to generate its excellent results, it is recommended to apply this hardener once or twice every week, placing two layers of product on the surface of each of the nails.

It can be used as a shine polish without placing any other product or as a protective base before the application of the color polish to improve the appearance of the nails and providing an improvement in their hydration levels.

Composition of Unglax Nail Hardener 10ml

Ethyl acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Isobutyl Acetate, phthalic Anhydride / Carbon Trimelítico / Copolymer Graft Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Benzophenone-3, Citral, Water, Phospholipids, Phenoxyethanol, Sphingolipids, Potassium Sorbate and Dye, Purple (Cl 60725).

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