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Tired Legs

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  • Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 ampoules
    Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 ampoules

    Plantapol Myrtirutin 20 ampoules a natural complement for the feeling of heaviness of your legs. It is a perfect and best-selling natural remedy. Here you can buy it at the best price online offer to help you. Plantapol laboratorios is a large Spanish manufacturer of 100 percent natural remedies. thanks to Myrtirutin blisters with bilberry, red vine.

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  • Dietclinical Light Legs 14 Vials Dietclinical Light Legs 14 Vials
    Dietclinical Light Legs 14 Vials

    Vials that help to calm the feeling of heavy legs and tired improving your circulation. Combase prevents the formation of varicose veins and reduce inflammation. Bilberry high in the antioxidant prevents the appearance of small veins red. Red grapes, which helps to improve circulation to the resistance of the capillaries. Vitamin C which is a natural...

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  • Aquilea Light Legs Gel 150ml Aquilea Light Legs Gel 150ml
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    Aquilea Light Legs Gel 150ml

    Improves skin microcirculation. Reduces heaviness and fatigue. Calms, refreshes and reactivates the legs. It generates faster results. Improves hydration and tones the skin. Gel texture.

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  • Venox Cream Roll On 60ml
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    Venox Cream Roll On 60ml

    It comes in roll-on presentation. It's an aloe vera gel. Contains olive oil. Contains Gotu kola. Contains cranberry. Contains horse chestnut.

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  • Venox 14 Vials
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    Venox 14 Vials

    It consists of 14 vials. They contain red vine. They contain ruscus. They contain black currant. They contain hammamelis. It's antioxidant.

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  • Somatoline Reducer Draining Legs 200 ml
    Somatoline Reducer Draining Legs 200 ml

    Somatoline Reducer Draining of Legs 200 ml reduces and smoothes your legs in 2 weeks, drain the excess liquid. Contains the exclusive Cryo Drain-complex, a multifunctional complex, which associates the effectiveness of the activity-reducing caffeine is the most effective active draining as the escina and the extract of butcher's broom. This complex is...

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  • Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml
    Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml

    Plantapol Myrtirutin Tired Legs Gel 150 ml a natural complex with ginkgo biloba, bilberry, cypress and hammamelis, is an add-on is easy to apply and perfect for daily use. you can combine with the blisters beverage of myrtirutin that will make the two a perfect combination. Pushing in a refrigerator or cool place brings more freshness in your application.

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  • Aquilea Light Legs Spray Aquilea Light Legs Spray
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    Aquilea Light Legs Spray

    Improves and activates skin microcirculation. Reduces the feeling of heaviness. Reduces leg fatigue. Provides a sense of relief, Increases elasticity to tired legs. Spray format.

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  • Dderma Tired Legs 200 ml
    Out of stock
    Dderma Tired Legs 200 ml

    Dderma Tired Legs 200 ml a cool gel that lowers the body temperature and of the legs immediately thanks to its composition which soothes and relaxes the legs immediately. Designed for people who spend a lot of time to stand up and have their legs and twins tired to be of attention to the public or standing all day. Cause a memory clear, and you can...

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  • Insigny Gel Cold Tired Legs 200 ml
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    Insigny Gel Cold Tired Legs 200 ml

    Insigny Gel Cold Tired Legs to 200 ml with ruscus, arnica, and menthol, which soothes calms and comforts the feeling of tired legs, it absorbs fast and makes a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being. Put in the fridge for better results.

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  • Maboderm Tired Legs 100ml
    Out of stock
    Maboderm Tired Legs 100ml

    Improves the feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the legs. Relief with freshness and feeling of well-being immediately. With red vine extract and green tea oil which facilitates natural circulation. Apply directly on the legs and make a slight massage to facilitate its total absorption. It also contains caffeine vitamin E and Goji extract. A small trick...

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  • Venox 45 Capsules
    Out of stock
    Venox 45 Capsules

    These are vegetable capsules. Contains red vine. It's for treating tired legs. Contains horse chestnut. Contains ruscus extract. Contains hammamelis.

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First of all there is a difference if someone is suffering only from tired legs, that is nothing more than a sensation of heaviness or tingling in the lower limbs, or if the problem is severe pain in the legs. The first is totally normal under certain conditions and it is a condition benign, while the second is already deserves probably a medical check and may be treated for other problems such as atherosclerosis, among others.

If our condition is fatigue in the legs, or heaviness, you first have to determine what is causing that heaviness and from there we can do to alleviate the causes.

Possible causes of tired legs

Among the possible causes of why someone may suffer from tired legs are the following:

  • Use high heels or high-heeled shoes cause tension in the muscles of the calf while wearing this shoe, so that when you do take off the shoes to us is the feeling of heaviness or fatigue.
  • Do not be consuming enough fluids or water causes that are retained on a larger scale fluid in the lower extremities.
  • Standing or sitting for long hours a day can cause heaviness in the legs.
  • The excess of weight can be one of the causes for which they have the tired legs.
  • The summer and, in general, climates and high temperatures can also cause these symptoms.

Tired legs treatment

There are many options in the treatment of tired legs, but first of all you must have some idea of what is going on and what is causing the heaviness in your legs, so you can be more specific at the time of applying a treatment. Once you know this, these are some of the things that you can do to relieve the tired legs.

  • Take lots of water throughout the day. What is recommended is 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, this way your body will have sufficient liquid inside and will not be forced to retain water in certain parts of the body.
  • Use some cream for tired legs. Later we'll talk about what specifically that can help you deal with this problem.
  • Try to stay cool indoors or cold. We have already said above that the heat agravalos symptoms and worsens the state of heaviness in the legs.
  • Try not to stay in one position for a long time. The constant movement helps to stimulate the circulation and to prevent your legs grow weary and hurt.
  • Something that never fails to relieve the tiredness in the legs is taking a bath with cold water, as I have said before, the low temperatures tone up and down the swelling.
  • At bedtime, put your legs high, this will also promote good circulation and you will be relieved greatly.
  • If you're in your chances, we recommend a massage session with a professional. This activity, if done properly you will relieve a great deal.

What ingredients contain creams for tired legs?

There are certain key ingredients that are common in all the creams and tired legs are the ingredients that should have to be effective, these are:

  • Menthol: the most tired legs cream have a cold effect, and this is usually given by the ingredient of menthol. Have an immediate effect cold soothes instantly. If this application is accompanied by a massage, the benefits are greater. Sometimes this substance is composed of the creams of this type under the name of plant extracts of mint.
  • Ruscus: it is a plant typical of the landscape mediterranean for a long time, it has been using as one of the remedies for tired legs that have a lot of effectiveness. Among the elements that contain this ingredient are the saponins, potassium salts, flavonoids, resins and essential oils. The saponins give it an anti-inflammatory action and venotónica. Moreover, the plant ruscus on a diuretic for excellence, that guarantees your help with fluid retention.
  • Castaño de indias: one of the reasons why someone may present to tired legs is venous insufficiency. In these cases, it is when this ingredient is a powerful ally. The seed of this item, relieves swelling in the legs, feeling of heaviness, pain, tiredness, itching or cramping. The active principles of this ingredient are the aescina along with the aesculina. All help to encourage the resistance of the blood vessels and relieve the causes of fluid retention, among others. There are remedies for tired legs with this ingredient, but is also found for topical application cream for tired legs.

Although these ingredients are only the main in the treatment, are not the only ones used. Remember to note that the cream that you buy at least one of these key ingredients. In this way we can guarantee you its effectiveness.

Medication for tired legs

The medication for the tired legs many times based on the ingredients diuretics, which specifically deal with the renewal of fluids in the body to which this form does not appear symptoms such as heaviness, swelling and tingling sensations, which are usually due to the retention of fluids in the lower limbs. Some ingredients are also those that we have mentioned above, but not in format, topic.

What do you recommend?

  • If the problem persists, even when they had fulfilled all of these tips and having given these creams, we recommend that you consult a doctor.
  • Not manage medication if you are allergic or allergic to any of the ingredients that it contains a treatment.
  • In addition to applying any cream or treatment for tired legs there is something that helps a lot of this condition and is without doubt lead a healthy lifestyle that includes eating properly, drink plenty of fluids during the day, and make at least a small amount of aerobic exercise routinely.

You will be able to find it here, always at the best price promotion cheap. Buy it now.