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Thermometers Babies

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  • Nuk Termometro Bathroom Without Mercury Nuk Termometro Bathroom Without Mercury
    Nuk Termometro Bathroom Without Mercury

    Made with material unbreakable. Resistant. Colourful designs. Fun to small children. Includes fluid metering of natural oil. Does not contain mercury.

    7,00 € -14.9543% 5,95 €
  • Braun Thermometer Thermoscan IRT 6520
    Braun Thermometer Ear Thermoscan 7 IRT 6520

    Ear thermometer Fever indicator Adjustable in function of the age. Fast, smooth and easy to use. Stores the last 9 temperatures. Your screen is color-coded.

    70,00 € -32.1348% 47,50 €
  • Vicks VNT200 Thermometer non-Contact Vicks VNT200 Thermometer non-Contact
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    Vicks VNT200 Thermometer Forehead non-Contact

    Measurements in just 2 Seconds Run Silent, ideal babies and older people. Easy to use. Just direct to the front and press. 5 Memories that allow for the monitoring of temperatures. Includes 2 AAA batteries

    40,00 € -17.5385% 32,98 €
  • Braun Thermometer Thermoscan 3 IRT 3030
    Braun Thermometer Ear Thermoscan 3 IRT 3030

    Design fast and smooth. Easy to use. Acoustic indicator of fever. Reading in a second. Suitable for the whole family. Promotes the monitoring of the temperature.

    49,95 € -40.0436% 29,95 €
  • Pic Termometro Infrared Thermoeasy
    Pic Termometro Infrared Thermoeasy

    Pic Termometro Infrared Thermoeasy Termometro infrarojo in just 5 seconds you can be able to measure the temepratura. Easy to use and reliable thanks to the brand's pic. only 2 points and with protection built-thank you.

    42,96 € -16.3099% 35,95 €
  • Braun spare Parts Thermoscan 40 units
    Out of stock
    Braun spare Parts Thermoscan 40 units

    Spare parts For thermometer ear braun thermoscan with 40 interchangeable units and single-use. are valid for any thermometer braun, you Should always use the protector because that is when braun ensures that the mediccion of the thermometer will be

    9,99 € -20.46% 7,95 €
  • Braun Thermometer Thermoscan BNT 400 Braun Thermometer Thermoscan BNT 400
    Out of stock
    Braun Thermometer Thermoscan BNT400

    Accurately indicate the temperature. Positioning pilot. LCD screen. Backlight. Latest technology. An immediate result.

    70,00 € -52.93% 32,95 €
  • Braun Thermometer Digital PRT1000
    Out of stock
    Braun Thermometer Digital PRT1000

    Braun Digital Thermometer PRT1000 a conventional thermometer with technology braun, a measurement response of 10 seconds, with toe cap and flexible with a professional precision range of braun thermometers. it is an apparatus of quality at the best price online to buy in your non-online leader of sales in thermometers braun.

    9,99 € -20.0969% 7,99 €
  • Chicco Thermometer Digi baby
    Out of stock
    Chicco Thermometer Digi baby

    Chicco Thermometer Digi baby with sound and with a design and fun colours that make it easier for the measurement. With digital numbers that facilitate the vision.

    9,99 € -30.5085% 6,95 €
  • Pic Termometro I Sell Family
    Out of stock
    Pic Termometro I Sell Family

    Pic Termometro I sell Family a thermometer easy to use and it looks very easy with large numbers, and with a sound that makes the measurement easier. Valid for ranges from 32 degrees celsius to 42 degrees celsius maxima. You can make 3 types of measurements armpit approximately 3 minutes away as well as straight with 1 minute and oral with another minute...

    8,00 € -12.5567% 6,99 €
  • Chicco Thermometer Flex Night offer Chicco Thermometer Flex Night offer
    Out of stock
    Chicco Thermometer Flex Night

    Chicco Thermometer Flex Night with display light, which is illuminated at night and an industry-leading flexible that it adapts to any part of your full-time is valid as a thermometer and rectal thermometer oral. Measures the temperature in just 10 seconds which makes the perfect measurements so as not to bother the baby or child who will always cost you...

    12,95 € -23.1776% 9,95 €
  • Geratherm Thermometer Digital Geratherm Thermometer Digital
    Out of stock
    Geratherm Thermometer Digital

    Geratherm Thermometer Digital is a clinical thermometer valid for all the family, it is perfect thanks to its flexible tip and is very reliable. Available in 2 colors.

    6,95 €

In the first years of the babies generally tend to incomodarles digestive problems for your first digestion or because they are coming out of the first teeth, or any other disease, a consequence of their small little bodies are still “premiere” and its defenses have to learn to protect their bodies from the thousands of viruses and bacteria that surround us. It is common that all changes during the growth of the baby is manifest, accompanied by occasional fevers.

For measuring the temperature of smaller ones, the Science and the pharmacy has been carried forward from the traditional mercury thermometers that all of us met, the first digital thermometers that still had occasional inconvenience that has been cleaved with the laboratory studies, complaints of some users, and suggestions, to reach the thermometer laser, as well as a wide range of thermometers child that ensure greater safety in its management with respect to the smallest, at the same time they are extremely accurate and easy to use.

There are varieties to suit all tastes: thermometers pacifiers, digital thermometer for armpit, thermometer children forehead and ear, ...

If you are thinking of buying a digital thermometer but you have doubts between all the variations that exist in the market about what the thermometer to buy to be more effective with your baby, let us give you a few suggestions:

The digital thermometers are the most reliable and fast, in addition to lacking of pollutants or toxic, since they use a thermistor (a device that measures electrical resistance, depending on the temperature) that requires batteries to operate. It is suitable for measuring temperature by oral, rectal or axillary in roughly 30 seconds. Price digital thermometer: it depends on the model, but are cheaper than the thermometer laser, for example.

In babies it is advisable to measure the rectal temperature, taking into account that it is 0.5 degrees higher than the axillary. Manéjalo with care, avoiding the move sharply so as not to damage and after use, wash it with soap and water (see instructions for use).

In fussy babies or something greater, measured the temperature of the forehead or in the armpit, so as not to damage them in their movements. Sold forehead thermometer designed specifically for this purpose. There are also ear thermometer, as they are usually more reliable than the thermometers of mouth (pacifier thermometer) because if the baby has had in his mouth something hot or cold can give you a false measurement of temperature.

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