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The brand Thermacare includes a series of products that use a patch thermal therapeutic specially designed to combat muscle and joint pain.

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  • Thermacare Neck 6 Patches
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    Thermacare Neck 6 Patches

    Thermacare Neck 6 Patches for the pain, neck, shoulder, wrist is a natural solution for the treatment of occasional pain or chronic. ensures 8 hours of intense heat plus 8 of the residual heat.

    11,70 €
  • Thermacare Adaptable 3 Patches
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    Thermacare Adaptable 3 Patches

    Thermacare Adaptable 3 Patches a patch adapts to the movements of your body, therapeutic heat that penetrates into the depth for a long-lasting pain relief, effective against pain and causes muscle relaxation.

    7,60 €

These patches are constructed using high-quality materials, soft and very comfortable to use. In addition, they have cells in heat that have been reinforced with ingredients and natural minerals such as coal, iron, water, or salt). In this way, it will start to heat up in the moment in which they come in contact with the oxygen present in the air. So, we will be able to get a specific heat at certain areas, certain.

It is recommended both for the area of the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips and lumbar region in general.

!Heat therapy revolutionary¡

Heat therapies have been used since ancient times as a natural remedy to relieve muscle, joint, as well as some discomfort. The heat has the power to act directly on the blood vessels by which they can get to dilate. This way, it increases blood supply in the area in question, thus enhancing the supply of oxygen to the cells that are damaged and, in this way, getting relief and regeneration as soon as possible.

In addition, with these patches we may also remove some residual muscle that may have been content as a result of workouts: for example, it is able to remove the lactic acid (which we know commonly as muscle soreness) is a species of small crystal that forms in muscles that have been overloaded and cause pain.

The heat of these patches is to relax the muscles, stimulate receptors in the skin's natural, and eliminate the feeling of pain that comes to the brain.

Solutions of Thermacare for every situation

Thermacare lower Back and hip: This product is suitable to treat those aches and pains that can occur in the lumbar area in general, as well as in the hip. In general, tend to be the most affected areas and, for this reason, it is of the most marketed.

Thermacare neck and shoulders: Another area greatly affected, especially if we are subjected to a working end, intensive training, or we have adopted postures in our day-to-day.

Thermacare adaptable: This range of products we show a few patches adapted to virtually any part of the body where we can have some kind of muscle pain.

These are just some of the classical solutions, but not the only ones.

Take a look at the brand's products and sure that you will be able to find something that really fits you well.