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Th Pharma

Th Pharma is a fabrication laboratory Spanish thinking of you as that manufactures products range simple to inexpensive price and quality

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The Address of TH proclaims the following declaration of a “Quality Policy” and is committed to disseminate it, make it comply with and monitor compliance throughout our company:

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TH stands for the quality of their services above all others, because loyalty and customer satisfaction are our utmost concern. Quality means meeting the needs and reasonable expectations of the clients first and at all times, and we recognize that customers exist within the company and outside of it.

TH will serve the needs of their customers, trying to clarify and make realistic and operational requirements specified product and all the legal aspects applicable, seeking the best results through close collaboration with customers and co-workers.

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TH you will have available the necessary human and material resources to ensure the quality of their services.

TH strive to continuously improve its production processes and control, which are then collected them all, and in procedures.

TH assist you and will respond to all your suggestions and complaints made by their customers, that, previously, have been analyzed.

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TH will establish how many corrective actions are appropriate to prevent the recurrence of non-conformities, stimulating any preventive action aimed at the continuous improvement of its management system.

TH keep you updated your program of training and training of their staff, with their own resources or external, both to improve knowledge and skills in the environment of your workplace to achieve a greater technical knowledge and quality.

TH is determined annually by the goals needed to achieve this Policy.

Therefore, we have the support of all the staff, to maintain and develop the management system established, which will be continuously improving.