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Swiss Navy

Swiss Navy it is a brand that has a line of products for cutaneous use and in order to provide superior pleasure, complementing sexual relations and causing more intense sensations.

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  • Swiss Navy Anal Silicone Lubricant 29.5 ml
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    Swiss Navy Anal Silicone Lubricant 29.5 ml

    Silicone based lubricant. With special aroma nail what is stimulating in sexual relations. Discreet format to take anywhere. With Swiss Navy guarantee and quality. Promotes an effective glide. Much more viscous texture to eliminate pain.

    15,00 € -25.3027% 11,20 €
  • Swiss Navy Water-Based Lubricant 10ml
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    Swiss Navy Water-Based Lubricant 10ml

    Mini format easy to carry anywhere. With water base it applies a thin film and it lubricates a lot. Guarantee and premium quality. Swiss Navy lubricants. It prolongs the sexual act and brings greater satisfaction. Wide variety of sizes.

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  • Swiss Navy Heat Effect Lubricant 10ml
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    Swiss Navy Heat Effect Lubricant 10ml

    Immediate heat supply. Increases sexual intercourse. Increase pleasure in penetration and masturbation. Adds a pleasant warmth to sexual intercourse. Guarantee and premium quality.

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  • Swiss Navy Water-Based Lubricant 118ml
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    Swiss Navy Water-Based Lubricant 118ml

    Large size water-based lubricant. Container of 118 ml. Facilitates sexual relations thanks to its naturalness. Guarantee and premium quality. Swiss Navy lubricants guarantee. Facilitates and prolongs sexual relations. Cover with a very good and long-lasting film. No stain.

    19,95 € -15.0271% 16,95 €
  • Swiss Navy Anal Lubricant 59ml
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    Swiss Navy Anal Lubricant 59ml

    Anal lubricant that facilitates penetration. The lubricant that provides a film that increase sexual intercourse. Increases the pleasure of penetrating in tight places. Guarantee and premium quality. Silicone base that increases its durability.

    22,95 € -13.0593% 19,95 €
  • Swiss Navy Water Based Natural Lubricant 59ml
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    Swiss Navy Water Based Natural Lubricant 59ml

    Natural water-based lubricant. Edible lubricant. Great durability and premium quality. 59 ml container with dispenser. An easy way to enjoy sex. High quality Swiss Navy lubricants.

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  • Swiss Navy Anal Silicone Lubricant 10ml
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    Swiss Navy Anal Silicone Lubricant 10ml

    Anal lubricant in mini format. You can use it and take it anywhere. With the scent of clove that enhances sexual intercourse. Avoid penetration with pain. Increases pleasure and facilitates entry. Guarantee and premium quality. Increases pleasure and sexual intercourse.

    5,00 € -30.062% 3,50 €
  • Swiss Navy MaxSize Intensifying Pleasure Cream For 150ml
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    Swiss Navy MaxSize Intensifying Pleasure Cream For 150ml

    Cream to intensify pleasure in masturbation. Create a warm feeling with premium quality. Swiss Navy Guarantee. Guarantee of safety and pleasure. Stimulates sexual intercourse. Stimulates masturbation. Saving format 150 ml.

    29,95 € -6.6745% 27,95 €
  • Swiss Navy Anal Silicone Lubricant 118ml
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    Swiss Navy Anal Silicone Lubricant 118ml

    Silicone lubricant spray. Facilitates and improves sexual relations. High quality silicone with clove smell. The nail what is a soothing and gentle agent that helps comfortable anal play. Long lasting. Non-absorbable

    29,95 € -20.0471% 23,95 €

With its use it generates an improvement in sexuality, at the same time it has products that have been packaged in bottles with anti-drilling action and that facilitate the application, being able to be used with one hand.

Each composition has been designed using ingredients of the highest quality, does not include parabens, nor glycerin, while they can be used for massage since they have natural components.

What is Swiss Navy?

Swiss Navy it is an American brand that is responsible for manufacturing intimate lubricants for men and women, in various formats since most have a dispensing valve that provides the necessary dose without spilling it.

This company has a large selection of intimate lubricants, among which are made water-based, silicone, heaters, flavored, hypoallergenic, compatible with condoms, among others.

In addition, within the Swiss Navy Offer other kinds of items for the care of sexual health are included, such as the erotic body cleaner and toys, gels to improve the blood flow of the penis, creams that increase sensitivity, among others.

Each product of this brand is aimed at covering the various needs in the area of pleasure during sexual relations, with compositions that favor excitement, facilitate rubbing during sex and collaborate with an effective cleaning at the end.

What are the benefits of Swiss Navy products?

Each of the products of this wonderful brand has a formulation specifically designed to improve pleasure during sexual intercourse and are aimed at different needs.

The lubricants of this brand include a quite natural feeling and provide incomparable comfort, since its mixture of assets has been designed to provide the same sensations that the body generates on its own.

At the same time it provides greater ecstasy during orgasm, causing better sensations during use, so its texture is usually thicker, dense and with greater weight, so they are quite resistant products and that generate excellent results.

In addition, the texture of lubricants Swiss Navy it makes it slide in a simpler way on the skin, causing an improvement during sexual intercourse and those that are made from water are very easy to clean.

However, there is a disadvantage, as if you have plans to have sex in the shower or any other environment where there is water, the lube will be removed quickly.

How are the packaging of Swiss Navy products?

Each of the products has a container specially designed to be applied in a simple way, so a dispenser is included in each one that favors its use, generating an improvement in the experience.

It is used in a faster way since it can be used with one hand, providing an optimal amount of lubricant while you are in that special moment, providing superior effectiveness.

Each of the packaging of these articles has been made in several presentations, considering that it has an effective Swiss Navy Price which is quite affordable as it provides superior durability for every bottle.

What are the types of Swiss Navy Lubricants?

At Buy Swiss Navy lubricants are acquired specially formulated to improve sexual relations, resulting in everything flowing and providing a little help.

With its use, penetration is easier and a healthier and more pleasant sexual life is generated, since it has a variety of lubricants among which are:

  • Water-based lubricants: they have a composition that provides a more intense heat from the initial contact with the skin, while it can be used in the company of condoms and sex toys.

  • Silicone based lubricants: the silicone-based lubricant has a design aimed at anal penetration, can be used with condoms, has superior performance and quality, while generating unique sensations.

  • Cream for masturbationn: it originates an improvement in the realization of masturbation, favoring the contribution of pleasure alone, and its texture favors sliding, includes soft components and does not adhere to the skin.

What are the Reviews of Swiss Navy products?

As a result of its excellent results there are numerous Swiss Navy reviews, as each lubricant has been formulated to be easier to apply, more slippery and with a superior consistency.

Each presentation of these lubricants has a maximum duration and their containers have been designed in order to provide superior comfort, since it has a dispenser that makes its application easier.

With the use of these lubricants an improvement in penetration is generated, while some sensations and pains are reduced, in order to provide greater pleasure, so they can be used alone or as a couple.

When using each of the items Swiss Navy during sex they make everything flow, providing effective help thanks to having a wide range of lubricants, intimate gels, erotic cleaners, among others.

Each one makes sexual intercourse easier, resulting in healthier and more pleasant, causing you to love your love life, as its slogan says and has numerous cutaneous use articles that improve sexuality.

All the products of this brand have anti-spill bottles that favor its transport to any place, so it can be taken to those holidays or for the honeymoon without generating any problems.

For its preparation, ingredients of the highest quality are included, so each composition is exempt from using parabens and glycerin, while they can be used for massages.

You can find it here always at the best price of cheap promotion. Buy now.