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Svr Laboratorios

Svr Laboratories it is a family business of French origin that began its activities in 1962, as a result of the resolution of two pharmacists who wanted to create products that improve the care and beauty of the skin in a more natural way.

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These professionals are known as Simone and Robert Veret, who created SVR in order to design active ingredients that are related to dermatology, that are used in appropriate doses and provide effective skin tolerance.

Resulting in the creation of treatments with unmatched efficacy and tolerance in the dermatological industry.

It is until 2016 when the son and grandson of the couple changes the small family brand, making it one of the most important brands in the dermo-cosmetic sector and that has more prescriptions by dermatologists in approximately 45 countries.

Its name is present in a large number of congresses of medicine and dermatology, since this brand has grown quite quickly following its principles.

In the market there is a great Svr Laboratories Offer thanks to its concentrated dermatological formulations and its products that have been tested on sensitive skin, so they can be used by all skin types, including atopic or reactive.

How are products classified?

SVR Laboratories it has made a classification of its products according to the requirements of people, so it has created several lines aimed at covering various situations, among which are:

  • Clairial: generates excellent results in the prevention and treatment of dark spots and pigmentary by its high concentrates of dermatological active ingredients and has numerous prescriptions in dermatology.

  • Densitum: it is a range of anti-wrinkle treatments that include concentrated dermatological components, creating effective results in the care of the skin of eyes, face and lips.

  • Hydracid: provides a high concentrate of Vitamin C that favors the conservation of skins with a higher level of luminosity, preventing wrinkles from arising and reducing existing ones.

  • Hydraliane: the composition of each of these products favors the natural hydration of the skin, generating excellent results for sensitive skin.

  • Liftiane: improves the beauty of the skin, as it favors smoothing the skin in a faster way, filling wrinkles and each product must be clinically tested.

  • Physiopure: provides cleansing and make-up remover products that have a concentration of oxygenating magnesium, which provides care and protection to the driest skin.

  • Sebiaclear: its formulation has been aimed at reducing skin imperfections in a period of 7 days.

  • Sensifine: these products are specially formulated to calm and moisturize reactive and intolerant skin to external elements, providing totally safe treatments for sensitive skin.

  • Sensifine Ar: contributes to the balance of redness of the skin, while it has an innovative thermostat technology that favors the reduction of red areas of the most delicate skin.

  • Spirial: This line of softer antiperspirant and deodorant products with an effectiveness for up to 48 continuous hours and are used on all skin types, even the most sensitive, without leaving spots on the skin.

  • SVR50: it is a series of sunscreens that provide a high level of protection and antioxidant power, and include a specific UVA and UVB filter system, which favors the well-being of the skin.

  • Topialyse: they are products formulated by specialists to generate an effective care to dry, very dry and atopic skin, decreasing its deterioration.

  • Xérial: A range of products with a urea concentrate unique in the dermatological industry, specially formulated for dry and rough skin, always maintaining skin care.

What is Sun Secure from Svr Laboratories?

It is a product line that belongs to Svr Laboratories to provide superior protection to the skin from deterioration caused by exposure to UVB, UVA, Visible and Infrared LIGHT thanks to its innovative integral Secure technology.

With its use a higher level of protection is provided, managing to cover the requirements of all skin types, since it has a formulation that generates greater resistance to water, sweat and rubbing, while becoming invisible to the eye.

What benefits does the use of Svr Laboratorios products generate?

Each of the products of this brand has been formulated to provide calm to the skin and reduce imperfections, while having a selection of components that adapt to sensitive skin and have an excellent Price.

Each composition has been made with a mixture of high quality active ingredients and concentration that improve the results, since each treatment provides greater effectiveness and superior tolerance.

All these products have numerous and positive Opinions of Svr Laboratories of its clients and the health professionals who recommend it for specific skin care.

For the elaboration of each product, superior quality is provided, seriousness and they have an effective ability to innovate and provide effective solutions to skin care, providing confidence and good results for their high concentrations.

In addition, it has different lines of dermatological products that adapt to the requirements of each skin type with the use of components such as urea, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, allantoin, among others.

Its multiple products include various presentations such as eye contours, creams, concealers, masks, among others to benefit the appearance and health of any skin type.

At the same time they have specific products for the care and treatment of specific types of skin, since with its use you can reduce imperfections by its ultra concentrated formula that discards pimples, blackheads, marks and shine.

You can also select products that originate an optimal moisturizing and mattifying effect in the long term, being able to provide immediate calm, moisturizing and calming the most sensitive skin, restoring its comfort, providing a fresh and lasting effect.

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