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In this section of bio-products online from Farmaciamarket you can find your special corner of the movement “Slow Food” born in Italy, and which has revolutionized the whole world, preach the healthy and rational that leads to a loss of weight and toxins, thanks to eating logical and natural manner, leaving aside the convenience products, saturated fats, “bad” and other items that we are poisoning gradually the agency, which eventually results in diseases of all kinds, lack of energy, low moods, stress, frustration and anger, ...

The slow movement spain encourages the consumption of healthy foods harvested in the traditional way, with no hormones, chemicals or genetic manipulations because it has come to the absurdity of disposing of tons of fruit and vegetables because the appearance is damaged, does not facilitate your purchase.

Hence, in the culture slow to be called “superfoods” because through the agriculture and husbandry, a local crafts, the products gain in quality vitamin and protein, with no artificial additives or preservatives outside the product. To the couple, the style of slow life helps the economic development of local businesses, rather than large multinational international just by manipulating the economy of the countries, enhancing or lowering products that are made thousands of miles away from the consumer, without sufficient health controls or ethical.

Must meet three fundamental features: to be tasty food (as all of their nutrients and flavors characteristic is preserved absolutely), clean (do not produce hardly any harmful effects on the Environment) and to be fair (by getting rid of unnecessary packaging, chemical additives and intermediaries and carriers, the price is low and the producers ' profits are greater than the current, enabling them to live with dignity).

If you wish to start your new change of life, eliminating your body of dangerous toxins, fluid retention consequence of an excessive consumption of salt and some extra pounds, it is best to start with a tasty and natural smoothie detox in which in addition to vegetables such as zucchini and tomato or degreasing products such as pineapple and lemon you will need to add a couple of tablespoons of Diet Slow Slimand Diet Slow Detox, both are available in Farmaciamarket and that will guarantee a proportion highly recommended fiber, alkalizing and anti-oxidants to help you expel from your body everything that you spare, a tasty and natural way.

Among the superfoods of the slow movement are superfoods seaweed, based on the use of different marine algae rich in protein and minerals, at the same time that their texture has the virtue of acting as a satiating in our body. In Farmaciamarket, you have the Diet Slow Spirulina at your disposal, for use as a re-mineralising to this tasty seaweed rich in essential nutrients such as low in fat. If you add to your dishes veggies give you protein without altering its flavor. That is why it is ideal to add to your smoothies detox.

For its part, is essential to our health the Omega-3 that preserves the good health of our heart and circulatory system. If you are not a friend to go to the shop so as not to put even more pressure on the increasingly over-exploited seas and oceans, we recommend the Diet to Slow Omegasof Farmaciamarket. It is a natural concentrate of essential fatty acids and fiber, to keep the so-called “bad cholesterol”. Therefore, the best way is to combine a handful of this superfood in a yoghurt, curd or milk shake, dinner, mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

At breakfast we advise you to add to your smoothie, Diet Slow Antiox and Diet Slow Energy to deal with energy the day (or Diet Slow Relaxation if you need a meeting or activity that puts your nerves at strain, helping also to your brain to act to stop irrespective of the stress). Visit our bio superfoods online Farmaciamarket where you'll find the best prices, all kinds of superfoods to give you the best of nature, regardless of unwanted items.

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