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Sunscreen with Color

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The sunscreen With Color is an excellent option for those moments in which the heat is very strong and does not want to be with her face washed, this protector helps to give the face a protection against the sun without the problem of mess up the makeup.

This protector gives your face a very natural, making the skin look rested and with a color fairly light, which is melted to perfection, not feeling the heaviness of a cream thicker.

Helps to maintain the makeup without it melts during the day by the effect of the heat, while it keeps the skin well-cared for, managing to touch up the guard several times without damage to the makeup.

Benefits of sunscreen With Color

The use of sunscreen With Color has become a habit very important to preserve the health of the skin, which in addition to generating the protection against the rays of the sun, it is a great system against skin aging.

This type of protector prevents the early onset of stains and wrinkles, so that it becomes inevitable to use it constantly, at any time of the year, either in the beach or in the city.

Helps to facilitate the ritual of beauty, thanks to which with just one product you can get the protection and color that both are needed.
It is very important to apply the protector several times during the day, being a very easy process because you can utiliar on makeup without generating any damage that has already applied to it.

There are moments in which he wants, or you must have the skin by naturally managing to generate a look and feel wonderful, as for example in the vacation and trips to the beach, making the skin a little color and can reduce skin imperfections.

How to Use sunscreen With Color

Initially, you should select a sunscreen With Color, according to the diversity of blockers that exist taking into account the amount of textures and finishes, and about everything you have to know the type of skin to be able to select the texture that best suits her.

It is recommended to apply the protector several times during the day, touching the sunscreen, as if it were a base by choosing a colour that fits the skin tone.

After the routine cleaning and moisturizing of the skin, you should use sunscreen with a brush type skunk on the cheeks and forehead, applying it from the center to the outside of the face, blending into the neck.

To re-apply the sunscreen during the day, it is recommended to use a brush retractable, so you don't stain your handbag with makeup and help to generate an effect blur after applying with the brush skunk.

Indications of sunscreen With Color

As a result of the needs of sun protection that currently exists will have created various types of textures and presentations, managing to generate a response to all of those needs according to each type of skin.

Among the different types of shield is the face shield with color, which is a sunscreen with a high protection factor, textures, very light, not fat, and a complement of color that helps to leave the skin traces of white.

In addition, they help provide the function of makeup base generating a natural coverage and more lightweight, with different presentations, such as:

  • For dry skin it is recommended to have as a presentation fluids.
  • For oily and mixed you can use the compact.
  • In gel, in order to generate an absorption more full and simple, which makes it perfect for any skin type.

The best sunscreen With Color

Protector in the format 'cushion' Compact Solar Mineral, Clarins
It is not manufactured as a sunscreen, it is really a cream with moisturizing effect, it has color and sun protection with a spf of 30+ is a sunscreen all in one.
Generates an effect of smoothing the face, helping to improve the appearance of the face, and has two colors one clear and the other a little darker to choose according to the skin tone you have.
Brings a lot of nutrition, hydration and has an antioxidant effect, generating a result of protection is very important when you are exposed to the sun.
Moisturizer Hydrance Perfecting with SPF 30+, from Avène
It is a sunscreen that has a powder form that generates multiple benefits, as it has a sun protection factor of 50+ which is great because that is a factor quite high.
It can easily be applied with a sponge, because it looks like a powder compact, this type of powders are more durable when there is contact with water and sweat.
Can be used on any skin type whether sensitive or fat by providing a matte effect after use. Additionally, it has two tones, one clear and one golden for choose.
Compact powder sun protection Photoderm MAX SPF 50+, of Bioderma
This protector feels very comfortable on the face, it can easily be used as its display in bar makes it a very comfortable and helps to protect and minimize the dark spots on the skin.
This shield is great for protecting the skin from the sun's rays, while he is careful to avoid the appearance of dark spots and unifies the tone of the face, it can be applied with total comfort in the face and the body.
Sun protection anti-stain on stick Cover Protector SPF 50+, of Ladival
Generates a wonderful color in the face, while protecting it from the sun as a result of their sun protection of 50 and with a non-greasy, so it generates a matte effect without drying out or acartonar the skin.
Can be used on any type of skin, especially dry skin without damaging them, thanks to its ingredients, antioxidants and moisturizers, which also helps to prevent the effects of premature aging.
Have a system in its packaging, which helps you not the inside not go wrong with any bacteria from the outside, achieving that can be used completely. In addition, it has resistance to water.