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Sunscreen Isdin Pediatrics Fusion Fluid Mineral Baby 50 50 ml


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Sunscreen Isdin Pediatrics Mineral Baby 50 50 ml for babies from newborn to sun direct and indirect. ideal for use from birth on. Babies from 0 months of life.Suitable for atopic. Only Physical filter. Buy Isdin pediatrics is to take care of securely to your baby from the very first use. Great deal to buy online

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Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics Mineral Baby 50 50 ml it is a product created for the skin care of the smallest of the house, designed especially for the delicate skin of children, its formula is dermatologically and pediatrically proven.

It is designed to be more durable against water, so its permanence in the skin is greater than solar photoprotectors  more common, it also resists more  to the friction of the cloths or towels, thus prolonging the Protection time of the ISDIN Photoprotector.

Photoprotector  Mineral Baby It contains biological filters with vitamin E and Dexpanthenol which is a provitamin B5 which works directly on sunburn, skin hydration as well as reducing inflammation, burning or itching in your baby's body.

Why use ISDIN Pediatrics Photoprotector Mineral Baby 50 50 ml

Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics it has a high SPF 50+ protection that protects it from UVA and UVB rays and adheres very quickly to the infant's skin without leaving any trace, leaving your baby protected 100%.

Baby mineral sunscreen 50 + 50 ml it was created to be used in  infant  six months or more, for direct or indirect sun exposure. Recommended for the delicate skin of infants or atopic skin.

Characteristics of ISDIN Pediatrics Photoprotector Mineral Baby 50 50 ml

  • Its SPF 50+ is full spectrum technology: UVB, UVA, HE VISIBLE and IR-a
  • Dermatological and pediatric laboratory tested.
  • Ophthalmologically tested and tested  with Safe-Eye technology (it does not itch in the eyes).
  • Friction resistant (friction-proof towels).
  • Contains vitamin E and dexpanthenol.
  • It uses biological filters that stimulate the child's skin's immune system.
  • This protector can be worn 365 days a year.
  • Very high protection category UVA / UVB 50+
  • They are hypoallergenic products that do not contain paraaminobenzoic acid (PABA), which is a component which can cause allergic reactions in the skin.
  • Its full Spectrum technology in combination with several filters, allow us to protect ourselves from high visible intensity light  (HE-VL) and Infra-red light A (IR-a).

Benefits of ISDIN Pediatrics Photoprotector Mineral Baby 50 50 ml

  • Face and Body Cream with rapid absorption.
  • It is a biodegradable and hypoallergenic protector.
  • It is completely resistant to friction of towel and water.
  • 100% mineral approved by the dermatological Guild.
  • It can be used on babies 6 months or older.

How to use the Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics Mineral Baby 50 50 ml 

  • Apply gently on dry skin, preferably half an hour before exposure to the sun's Rays.
  • Apply the same operation about every 2 hours or when the skin fully breathes the protector, after swimming or towel drying.

The Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics  they are recognized worldwide and have been awarded for their effectiveness, achieving with this being a product of first necessity in the luggage of frequent travelers.

Isdin it feels committed to its users, therefore it works transparently to gain all the trust of the consumer, thinking about the well-being and health of the whole family, especially the smallest of the household.