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Sunscreen Isdin Pediatrics 50 Wet skin 250 ml + 250 ml Duplo Promotion


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Sunscreen Isdin Pediatrics 50 Wet skin 250 ml + 250 ml Duplo Promotion is the new format of the solar but sold to children and adults. It Can be used by all the family and even pediatrics allows it to be used for any type of skin. Valid for all type of skins 2 CONTAINERS OF 250 ml

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Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics 50 Wet skin 250 ml Duplo promotion it is a completely transparent spray that helps protect the skin of the youngest of the house from the sun's Rays.

Its formula allows us to obtain instant absorption in the skin without leaving residues of white cream, this photoprotector is conveniently resistant to water and friction that we get when we dry with the towel, without subtracting the value of protection on the skin.  

Wet skin Sunscreen 250 ml it comes in a 2x1 promotion that allows you to have more quantity to be shared by the whole family, since adults can also use this photoprotector  Pediatrics  Wet skin.

Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics 50 + Wet skin 250 ml it is among the best in the market, 1st level product par excellence and best sellers. Its formula allows it to be applied on wet skin without detracting from its value. Extremely waterproof.

Why use ISDIN Pediatrics 50 Photoprotector Wet skin 250ml Duplo promotion

A question that parents always ask themselves is: which sunscreen would be right to use on children?, since there are many brands in the market and with different characteristics.

One of the differences between them is the SPF which is nothing more than The Sun Protection Factor,  since there are level 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 to name  some. Each of these values influences the duration of protection that the skin has when exposed to RUVS.

For this reason use the Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics 50 + Wet skin 250 ml it helps prevent damage to the skin of children by protecting it from UVB and UVA rays thus avoiding burns.

This photoprotector 50 + Wet skin 250 ml in addition to being used by children and babies, it can also be used by adults. Made to be used during the summer by the whole family.

Characteristics of Photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics 50 Wet skin 250 ml double promotion

  • The photoprotector ISDIN Pediatrics they are first class items par excellence of the ISDIN brand.
  • Its elaboration and evaluation by pediatric and dermatological experts make it among the best articles on the market when it comes to child skin care.
  • Its formula SPF 50 + protects the skin in greater percentage while those of lower formula such as SPF 15 although it protects you from burns do not protect you from skin cancer.

 Benefits of ISDIN Pediatrics 50 Photoprotector Wet skin 250 ml double promotion

  • These products apart from Protect from UVA and UVB rays  it also moisturizes the skin as the body absorbs them without any problems.
  • Its formula allows you to protect your baby's skin for longer from ultraviolet rays A and B, which are the first causes of cancer, aging and skin burns.
  • It has been scientifically proven that the   photoprotector ISDIN pediatrics SPF 50+, it blocks ultraviolet rays by 98%.

The delicate skin of children needs the best care and for this same reason is that this protector is ideal for your child to enjoy the sun without having to pay the consequences the next day or in the future.