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Sunscreen Isdin 50 Pack Family Gel Cream 500 ml


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Sunscreen Isdin 50 Pack Family Duplo Gel Cream 50 Adult, Pediatrics, and the pack on the sunscreen but sold isdin with savings of price and promotion, discount, gel-cream adult factor 50 to 250 ml + gel cream 250 ml, valid for all the family. A pack with two different formats for a greater comfort of price and supply. Found this pack to buy.

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Pack family Gel Cream 500 ml it is a very high level Protector for normal and oily skin that can be used by the whole family to combat sun allergies, sunstroke pigmentary spots and skin aging.

Many dermatologists  recommend daily use on both face and body pack family Gel Cream 500 ml. for schools, parks, beaches, in outdoor sports, etc., it contributes to the hydration of a cream and the rapid absorption of the gel granted in atypical skins.

It is a lightweight product with very high protection against UVA-UVB radiation. Its exclusive composition makes it high application and fast absorption, pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort. Especially suitable for hairy areas, ideal for men.

Pack family Gel Cream 500 ml and its presentation

The family pack gel cream 500 ml presentation with style and effective design for its purpose, with an elegant lid and a simple functionality to obtain the product and with the reward of giving a little more of this fantastic product. 

Properties of the pack family Gel Cream 500 ml

  • Gel-cream light touch, immediate absorption and high extensibility
  • Hydration very well as cream
  • Pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort
  • Smooth, light and shine-free finish
  • Extreme UVA-UVB protection
  • Pediatric gel-cream ideal for use all year round in children

 We're talking about Family Pack Gel Cream 500 ml that benefits the adult and delicate skin of children, providing a practical and necessary Family product, resistant to water. It comes in a presentation that makes it easy to take anywhere when required. 

Benefits of the pack family Gel Cream 500 ml

  • Moisturizes all your skin like a cream and quickly absorbed like a gel
  • Easy application on all skin
  • With a silky, gloss-free finish
  • It is very resistant to water and friction
  • Strengthens the immune system of the child's skin thanks to its formulation with biological filters
  • Provides the skin with vitamin E and dexpanthenol
  • It favors the whole family group, especially the baby 

How to use Pack family Gel Cream 500 ml

  • Apply widely on dry skin
  • Apply half an hour before going out to sunlight exposure
  • Apply 2mg / cm2 of the Gel Cream, by reducing this dose, the protection factor is reduced.
  • Reapply every 2 hours or after sweating, swimming or towel drying.
  • Contact with eyes should be prevented
  • The use of Pediatric photoprotector is recommended for children older than 3 months.

All products Photoprotector Isdin 50 they are made with the aim of achieving a protective effect, that is why their compounds are substances with the properties of correcting stains and avoiding possible burns due to excessive exposure to the sun's Rays.

Recommended and guaranteed product to have at home, ISDIN 30 Photoprotector products are made thinking about the well-being of the family and especially for the little one in the house, do not stop buying your Pack family Gel Cream 500 ml.