Sunscreen Isdin 50 Fusion Water 50 ml


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Isdin sunscreen Fusion water to 50 ml with a high protection for your face ensures a protective, oil-free and vehiculizada in a molecule of water easy to apply. Same protection to more innovation.

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Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Water 50 ml it is the first protector for the skin made of water and not oil, designed to protect it from ultraviolet rays, its composition makes it absorbed quickly in addition to being an invisible cream.

Fusion Water 50 ml it is not only an oil-free product but also significantly reduces the oiliness produced by the skin, leaving it completely dry and with a fresh texture.

Fusion Water Sunscreen thanks to Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants it is a strong anti-aging fighter, it can also serve as a base for daily makeup.

Why use Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Water 50 ml

EL 50 Fusion Water 50 ml contains a balanced compound, which  helps maintain  hydrated, while nourishing the skin, with instant absorption without leaving any residue after its  application.

For its ingredients and formula Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Water 50 ml it is a product that allows your skin to be always fresh while keeping it soft, dry and always protected.

The Fusion Water Sunscreen it is a product that the whole family can use either for  the adults or the youngest in the House. Its formula and ingredient allows it to be used daily.

Benefits of the Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Water 50 ml

  • Guarantees protection against sunlight.
  • It allows the skin to always stay hydrated with a pleasant texture.
  • Thanks to its antioxidant components it can be used daily.
  • It has a 50 + SPF filter, which also ensures protection against ultra rays that prevents skin cancer over time.
  • The ISDIN Photoprotector 50 Fusion Water 50 ml it is made of water without oil.
  • Fusion Water 50 it is designed and elaborated by ISDIN laboratories, with an advanced formula that allows the ideal complement with the epidermis, achieving the aging delay.
  • Has as main ally  and composed of vitamins E, in addition to hyaluronic acid, this efficiently prevents the appearance of free radicals which cause it to manifest prematurely  aging of the epidermis.
  • Made with Wet skin which makes it impervious to water or sweat.

Characteristics of Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Water 50 ml

  • The ISDIN Photoprotector  they are among the most sought after items for sun protection, thanks to their ingredients with health in mind.
  • Are certified and approved  by the dermatological group.
  • Its formula FPS 50 + gives a  higher percentage of protection for the body compared to the other protectors on the market. 

How to use 50 Fusion Water 50 ml

  • Shake before use and then Apply 30 minutes before exposing the body to the sun's Rays.
  • Apply on  clean and dry skin, with gentle movements through the skin. 
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
  • If falling into eyes, rinse  immediately with enough fresh water.
  • Try not to use on open wounds
  • Keep this product away  of the children.