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Sunscreen Isdin 50 Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml


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  • Sunscreen Ideal for athletes.
  • A cooling effect in your application.
  • Protection against UVA - UVB rays.
  • Texture Ultra Light.
  • Acts as a Second skin.

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The Gel it is soft and suitable for an ultra protection of the skin is for athletes who perform outdoor practice and is a very resistant facial photoprotector Photoprotector Isdin 50 Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml it is a photoprotection article designed for each athlete.

 It forms an invisible protective barrier to protect the skin from solar radiation in sports and that resists the action of sweat, works as a water-based facial photoprotector that protects from UVA rays. they are connected with skin and do not possess oils.

The Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml it is recommended to apply another dose of the product if the practice is very prolonged or long, every two hours to preserve the skin of the body with a protective barrier and contact with sensitive mucous membranes should be avoided.

Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml and its presentation

The Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml it comes in a very nice and simple presentation, its use is recommended to all people especially athletes during all their events of the year and comes in a very easy to carry presentation, as in a small handbag, the face cream is applicable anywhere we are or need it.

Suggested to the athlete by dermatologists, Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml its ease of transport makes it ideal for schools, parks, beaches, outdoor sports, etc., very good for hydration and great absorption.

 Benefits of Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml

  • It provides a feeling of freshness and restores body temperature in those moments that we are doing an athletic activity
  • It has WET SKIN technology, applying moisture to the skin while maintaining a protection factor
  • With super absorption capacity
  • In its application it leaves a transparent layer that is very protective
  • Are oil-free natural products

 Photoprotector ISDIN 50 Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml it gives you a guarantee that the product is very good and is at the hand of anyone especially for athletes, we have at hand the product required to be protected when we are in a sports activity.

How to use the Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml

Apply the Fusion Gel Sport 100 ml 30 minutes before leaving with sunlight and apply enough on dry skin.

  • Do not have contact with eyes and mucous membranes, in case of contact, wash with plenty of water
  • Reapply if necessary and at least every 2 hours, even on wet skin, to lower the amount reduces the protection factor
  • Watch out for babies and children, make sure they are out of direct sunlight
  • Place it in a place out of reach of children

 ISDIN Photoprotector they are very good items are in a group of protectors that are made with the goal of giving a very capable article for the care of the whole family, keep in mind that health is very important.