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Sunscreen Isdin 30 Wet Skin Spray Transparent 250 ml


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Sunscreen Isdin 30 Wet Skin Spray Transparent 250 ml sun protection for those who do not like to use 50 and I like to use a quality brand that holds the contact with water and can't get wet, and you can bathe without losing sun protection in no time. Great quality at a bargain price. bottle of 250 ml

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ISDIN Photoprotector  30 Transparent spray  Wet skin 250 ml  powerful and efficient this transparent spray contains ingredients  that will help protect your skin from those harmful rays of the sun preventing burns irritations and premature aging.

Contains a formula made with the intention that the  epidermis can better and quickly absorb this product, also does not leave  any trace  the residue of this, Photoprotector Wet skin 30  it is a product impermeable to water and resists  frictional.

ISDIN Photoprotector  30 Wet skin 250 ml it is a very efficient product, which contains a protective formula, to be used daily, without leaving the skin oily at the same time that keeps it hydrated and fresh.

Contains active ingredients with property that allows it to be applied on wet, or dry skin without  losing strength in the  skin protection, it can also be used on normal or oily skin as well as mixed.

Why use Photoprotector ISDIN 30 Transparent spray Wet skin 250 ml

Thanks to its formula and ingredients ISDIN Photoprotector  30 Transparent spray Wet skin 250 ml it is a product that allows your skin to stay fresh all the time while keeping it soft, dry and dull. All this thanks to instant absorption.

Photoprotector 30 Wet skin   uses 30 + FPS which is  the highest sun protection Factor, unlike  common protectors that  they use low-level FPS like 10, 15. These values directly influence the time of protection that the product remains on the skin.

This photoprotector 30 + Transparent sprayit can be used by any skin type, in short the whole family can enjoy its benefits including children over 6 months.

Characteristics of Photoprotector Isdin 30 Transparent spray Wet skin 250 ml

  • The ISDIN photoprotector  Transparent spray 30 it is one of the most sold items, thanks to its level of protection and flexibility.
  • They are approved and approved by medical and dermatological.
  • Its formula SPF 30+ gives you a good percentage of protection for the skin if compared to common protectors, unlike others for example those of  SPF 10, which last less time protecting the skin.

Benefits of ISDIN Photoprotector  30 Transparent spray Wet skin 250 ml

  • The Photoprotecors  30Transparent spray Wet skin 250  protect you from UVA and UVB rays, as well as hydrating the skin,  since the body  absorbs instantly without any problem.
  • It can be applied throughout the body.
  • Protects both the skins  fat and mixed as normal.
  • Its formula prevents sand from sticking on the skin as it always keeps it dry.
  • It can be used on both dry and wet skin.

As a precaution we recommend that the Photoprotector ISDIN 30 Transparent spray Wet skin 250 ml it is for external use only and you should be careful with contact with eyes and membranes, if any contact occurs, you should wash with plenty of water. 

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