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Sunscreen Children

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The skin of the children has a sensitivity much greater than that of the adults, since their production of melanin is more difficult, so that protection against the sun should be more strong and especially if the sun exposure is going to be for a long time.

It is recommended that the factor of protection chosen for the children is 50 or 50+ to provide you with the skin care a much higher level, but equally it is suggested that you put the sunscreen on children every two hours as a minimum.

Another recommendation is that you pick a sunscreen that is easy to apply because the children are always on the move and need a product that can be used in a simple and easy way.

Features of the sunscreen, kids

There are different factors to take into account when choosing a sunscreen for children as it is the factor of protection, if it is tough or not the water, as well as against what type of sun rays and protects the skin.

Sun Protection Factor

The sunscreen children provides the skin a protective shield against UV rays, so that the higher the sun protection factor, the more radiation it can stop.

There are two types of ultraviolet rays, which have different wavelengths and enter the skin at different depths, for this reason we will describe the UVB rays as burning and UVA as a factor of premature aging.


To protect children's skin from UVA and UVB rays, which tend to be very harmful short-and long-term, you should purchase a sunscreen that in the label specifies that it is broad-spectrum.

This means that it generates a greater protection to the skin making melt in it to protect it in different layers.

It is highly recommended to use broad-spectrum sunscreen a half hour before going outside, and reapply frequently, every two hours, after sweating or playing in the water.

Water resistant

Those products which are in your label will display that are water-resistant they want to say that the FPS is effective even after 40 minutes of being under the water, but if the label is displayed which is very resistant to water, that period can increase to 80 minutes.

These time periods will be carried out while the child is in the water, without rubbing or drying with a towel.

Indications of sunscreen children

It is advisable to use sunscreen children with presentation as a lotion instead of spray, to avoid the risk of inhalation and is a simple way to know if you've used the correct amount of product.

If you are going to use the surge protector spray, bear in mind that, even though it is more easy to use if you do not rubs may be missing areas to protect, so it is recommended to be applied twice, rub, and is not signed up close to the face to avoid inhalation.

When you notice any allergic reaction to a sunscreen, it is suggested to try out another kind or another brand, as they can that allergy does not produce the sunscreen in general, but a single ingredient.

So it is possible that you have some kind of sensitivity to one of the ingredients and not the sunscreen, the problem lies in knowing which ingredient it is sensitive.

The solar protection of children is very important because it prevents burns from sun exposure during the first years of life, in particular in childhood, because it can be very dangerous generating as a result of any type of skin cancer.

It is important to use sunscreen daily, especially in the times when the sun feels stronger, applying it on the face and body at least half an hour before sun exposure to the skin.

We also recommend reapplication every two hours and after sweating or getting wet. Must also be used when the day is this cloudy, it is not suggested that the child is exposed to the sun at noon, although it would apply the sunscreen.

Best sunscreen for children

It is of great importance to protect children's skin from exposure to the sun's rays throughout the year then named several sunscreens that are excellent to be used on children: